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    June 2022 Release

    Title Alerts

    June 2022 Rialto NGS-118

    Title Alerts is a feature in Rialto that enables staff to create lists of titles for review according to a user-defined query and ranking. Differing from recommendation feeds, title alerts create a finite set of titles drawn up at predefined intervals—weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Users can optionally be emailed when new alerts are created.


    Title alerts may also be:​

    • Managed by individual staff members or shared between multiple staff.

    • Reviewed individually or as a merged list of all alerts. 

    For more information, see Title Alerts.

    Author Affiliation

    June 2022 Rialto NGS-1224

    Rialto now enables selectors a simple way to search for works by authors affiliated with their institution, so that they can purchase material written by their institution's staff. Author Affiliation is now present as a searchable value withing the Query Builder. Select the Author Affiliation field in the Query Builder, and enter the institution name in the search box.


    To aid in validating the results, Author Affiliation now displays in the offer details (when available)


    For more information see, Managing Recommendation Profiles and Feeds.


    Saved Context When Navigating Across Pages  

    June 2022 Rialto

    Now when users browse across multiple pages, when navigating back to the previous page their context will not be lost. E.g.: You are several pages deep in a list, and then click to view all offers in a work group from a "related activity" link. Previously, when navigating back to the list, you were placed on the first page of the list. Now, when navigating back to the list you are taken back to the page you were last on, focused on the offer you viewed in detail. 


    Stored Preferences for Lists

    June 2022 Rialto

    Now users can save applied facets in the Facets panel for lists, so that preferred facets are applied on page load in future sessions. Sort selections are also stored, independent of the facet save action, and will remain applied at the page level. This reduces time and clicks when pages reload. 


    For more information see, Saving Selected Facets and Sort Selections for Future Sessions.


    List of Lists View - Display Number of Items in a List

    June 2022 Rialto NGS-4229

    Users are now able to view the total number of items in a list, at a glance, from the List of Lists view, so that they can quickly identify lists that may need attention. On the List of Lists page view, users are presented with a new column for the Number of items in the list. Each row under the column displays the current number of items in the given list.



    Activate/Deactivate Rules in a Selection Plan

    June 2022 Rialto NGS-6710

    Selection plan rules have a new Active/Inactive status. Rules may be toggled to inactive. Inactive rules will not retrieve results, and will have no impact on plan results when generating snapshots or on subsequent plan runs while inactive. Inactive rules will also not exclude matched results for later runs.

    A rule's status of Active or Inactive is reflected in the list of rules (alongside name and description).


    For more information see, Selection Plan Management.

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