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    How to check Rosetta's Indexing Status

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 5+
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local



    Where do I go to check Rosetta's Indexing Status?


    To check Indexing Status do the following:


    1. Connect to Rosetta Administrative Module

    2. Go to: Home > Repository > Index Status

    3. Check the "Health" column in the "Permanent Index" and "Operational Index" tabs to be sure that the index is "UP" (not "Down").

    4. If the indexer for a given server is Down, please restart that server by running dps_stop followed by dps_start.

    Re-check the Index Status to confirm that it came back up.

    5. If the Indexer for a server doesn't come back UP after restart, please open a CRM case to Rosetta Support.

    6. Check the "Permanent Index" and "Operational Index" tabs for "IE records in Exception Queue"

    7. If there are "IE records in Exception Queue" click "Re-Index" to resubmit them for indexing.

    8. IMPORTANT: Only click "Reindex Full Repository" under the advisement of ExLibris Rosetta Support.

    9. Open a CRM case to Rosetta Support if there is an error message you cannot resolve or don't understand to ask for assistance in troubleshooting.

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