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    Appendix B - Rosetta Mapping Tables

    Rosetta Mapping Tables

    Rosetta mapping tables can be accessed from Advanced Configuration > General > All Mapping Tables. This path brings you to the Mapping Tables List.
    Mapping Tables List
    You can view all the mapping tables alphabetically, you can filter by sub-system (using the drop-down menu), or you can sort by one of the red bold headings.
    For information on how to perform procedures related to mapping tables, see Working with Mapping Tables.
    The following table lists each mapping table with a brief description of its contents.
    List of Mapping Tables
    3A View Type List Define the view types in the combo STAGING
    Birt Management Reports This table defines how reports appear in the user interface. INFRA
    Display User Name This table determines the appearance order of the first name and last name in the different user types. USER_MANAGEMENT
    Event Management List of all system events with the indications whether it is Audit and/or Statistic events. EVENTS
    Event Provenance This table shows the list of events that are indicated as Provenance Events. To remove an event from being a Provenance Event, set the Provenance Indicator column of the event to N. EVENTS
    General Parameters General parameters PRODUCER_MANAGEMENT
    Handle PI Creation This table holds the parameters for the PI creation (e.g. PI Prefix) PI
    Handle PI Publishing - Public/Private Key This table holds the parameter for the Handle PI Publishing - for records that have Public or Private Key PI
    Handle PI Publishing - Secret Key This table holds the parameter for the Handle PI Publishing - for records that have Secret Key PI
    Homepage Bulletin This table holds the text that can be shown in the Home page, on top of the links to the management areas. MENU
    IP WebService Restriction This table holds the mapping between list of web services and IP ranges where these web services are restricted. INFRA
    List Of Servers This table holds the different servers of the system and their paths. COMMON
    Metadata Type This table holds the SourceMD metadata type.To exclude source metadata from indexing, enter N in the Indexing column. USER_MANAGEMENT
    Other Source Metadata Subtype List of possible subtype values that the user can specify when using source metadata of type OTHER. Enter N in the Indexing column to exclude the metadata from indexing. DATA_MODEL
    Preservation Properties This table holds the list of fields that are part of the Descriptor file, used for external preservation alternatives. PRESERVATION
    Role Quick Links This table allows users to hide or customize the labels of items in the Quick Launch Menu. MENU
    Stream Handler Util This table holds the mapping between the command names of the Utilities used for file conversion and their specific parameters. STAGING
    Technical Metadata Extraction Adaptors This table holds the list of the different adapters of the MD Extractors DEPOSIT
    User History Event List This table holds the list of events that are displayed to the Producer Agent in the Deposit work area. EVENTS
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