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    Configuring Deposit Control Settings

    Deposit Managers can configure deposit control settings for generic Producer profiles. These settings include the following parameters:
    • The Producer’s deposit quotas
    • The amount of content to be reviewed by staff users
    To configure deposit control settings:
    1. On the Management Home page, from the main menu, select Deposits > Producers and Agents > Producer Profiles. The List of Producer Profiles is displayed.
    2. Locate the Producer profile with which you want to work and click Update. The Update Producer Profile page opens
    Update Producer Profile Page
    1. In the Name field, enter the name of the Producer profile.
    2. In the Status drop-down list, select one of the following:
      • Active, when you want to begin using the profile immediately (for example, to associate the profile with a Producer and allow Producer Agents to deposit content)
      • Inactive, when you want to complete profile configuration and begin using the profile later
    3. In the Active Deposit Quotas (GB) field, enter the number of gigabytes that the producer can deposit simultaneously. Set to 0 for no limit.
    4. In the Fast Track Enabled drop-down list, select No.
    5. In the Disk Usage Quota field, enter the total disk space that is available to Producer Agents associated with the Producer.
    6. In the Default Sampling Rate field, enter the percentage of the Producer Agent’s content that needs to be reviewed by staff users as follows:
      • 100% - All deposited content must be reviewed by Assessors and Arrangers.
      • Any value less than 100% - The specified percentage of content must be reviewed by an Approver.
        • Sampling rates for specific Producers are defined by a Negotiator. For more information, see Personalizing Producer Profiles.
        • This value takes effect only if the sampling rate on the material flow is not set and the SIP processing rule approval is set to Approver.
    7. Click Save
      Producer Agents associated with the Producer can deposit content as specified in the deposit control settings.
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