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    Understanding Deposit Managers

    Deposit Managers are responsible for configuring generic Producer profiles and generic material flows. (For more information on Producer profiles and material flows, see the Rosetta Overview Guide.)
    Generic Producer profiles and material flows are automatically assigned to all Producers when they register in the Rosetta system. The profiles can be personalized at a later point in time by a Negotiator in order to meet the needs of specific Producers. (For more information on Negotiators, see Understanding Negotiators.)
    Deposit Managers are assigned by a User Manager, who registers them and defines their access. Privileges can be either Typical (without delete privileges) or Full (with edit and delete privileges).
    Deposit Managers’ scope is institutional.
    The Deposit Manager can be assigned a role that gives access to all elements of the Deposit module with edit and delete privileges or a role that allows access only to commonly used deposit elements without edit and delete privileges. The following pages and fields are available only to the Deposit Manager Full role, but not the Deposit Manager Typical role:
    • The following fields on the Producer page:
      • Classification
      • Producer Type
      • Local Producer Field 1
    • The Default Sampling Rate field on the Producer Profiles page
    • The following fields on the Material Flows page:
      • Internal
      • Sampling Rate
    • The following pages:
      • Producer Groups
      • 1st Time Registration Rules
      • 1st Time Registration Reasons
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