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Tips for Using Summon Analytics


With Summon OAS analytics, you can gain insight into how your patrons are using your Library’s Summon. This guide includes information to keep in mind when accessing and working with Summon Usage Reports.

You can utilize Summon usage reports to…

• Understand usage trends from different perspectives

• Measure impact of functionality & design changes

• Explore how library instruction impacts search behavior

First Step

To start, you’ll want to make sure that your Client Center account has the proper permissions set so that you are able to access and edit the Summon OAS reporting suite. If you're responsible for pulling reports, your permissions for ‘Summon Usage Statistics’ should be set to View/Edit.

Accessing the Reports

In order to access the reports and utilize their functionality, check out this knowledge article on ‘Using Summon Analytics’. You’ll learn about the general activities that you can perform with Summon Analytics, such as the following:

-          Navigating Summon Analytics

-          Running out-of-the-box reports

-          Creating reports

-          Adding graphs to reports.

Title Clicks Report

The majority of usage reports live in the Summon folder under, ‘usage’ --> ‘reports’. If you're looking for the title clicks report, you’ll find the report in the Summon folder under ‘reports’. The title clicks report will show you how many times a user clicked on a title associated with different providers and databases.

Editing Report Parameters

Automatically, our reports will show the last 7 months’ worth of data. If you need to pull data from a longer/shorter time period, you will need to edit the report parameters.

To begin modifying the report, click Edit and then SAVE AS before making any changes. You can then change the report criteria to the time range you are looking for.

If you’re looking to make advanced additions to your Summon reports, we encourage you to check out the webinar, “Analyze This! – Getting Started With Summon Usage Reports”. You’ll learn how to add visualizations, subtotals, and dashboards.

What's Next

To find more Summon Tips, check out our 'Best Practices and How-To's' section of the Knowledge Center

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