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    Summon: Web-Based Proxy Support

    • Product: Summon

    Does Summon support web-based proxy systems for remote authentication?

    The Summon service supports the web-based proxy systems EZproxy, HAN, and III WAM to provide a full level of support for your off-campus users as you currently do with access to your subscription resources. This level of support is present in the Database Recommender as well as all resources that utilize direct linking from the Summon results screens that also require authentication. This includes Naxos, Alexander Street Press and Web of Science, as well as the URL in the 856 field of your catalog records.

    HAN is currently supported for resources using Direct Linking, the Export to RefWorks feature, the Database Recommender, and the Authentication Banner. Resources using OpenURL linking through 360 Link will not be proxied and users may need to log in to the provider platforms to gain access to content.

    This feature operates in conjunction with the Authentication Banner, which provides support for resources that require pre-authentication to produce results in the Summon service. See also Summon: Authentication Banner for Remote Users.

    Provided that both features are enabled in your Summon service instance, the user experience will be as follows:

    1. User authenticates via the Summon Authentication Banner.

    2. User submits a search through the Summon interface.

    3. Results will be returned in Summon, including those that require pre-authentication to deliver results.

    4. If the user clicks on a result that utilizes direct linking, they will be passed through the proxy server to the item they request.

    To set up proxy authentication:
    1. Log in to Intota or the Client Center.

      • For Intota select Library Settings from the Admin menu.

      • For Client Center select Library Settings under Manage Your Library

    2. From the Authentication Type drop-down menu select either EZ Proxy, HAN, Fully Encoded URL, Redirector, or III in the Proxy Type section. It is critical that you choose the correct proxy type in order for our system to pick up your settings. Even if you believe this is configured already, it is a good idea to double-check it at this time

      If you are using customer ID authentication to access EBSCOhost databases, you must pick Redirector as your proxy type.

    3. Enter your proxy URL in the field provided for it.

      After the daily profile data refresh is completed, our system will automatically construct links that contain the proper syntax for items utilizing direct linking. For information on what time of day the refresh is completed, Intota users see Intota: Daily Profile Data Refresh (Cache Build), Client Center users see Client Center: Daily Profile Data Refresh (Cache Build) .

      • For EZ Proxy, enter your EZ Proxy URL in this format: https://<proxy.lib>.edu/login?url=, where <proxy.lib> is replaced by your library's proxy domain.

      • For HAN, enter your HAN Proxy prefix URL in this format: https://<HAN-Server>/hanSummon/access, where <HAN-Server> is replaced by your library's HAN domain.

      • For OpenAthens, enter your OpenAthens URL in this format:<>?url=, where <> is replaced by your library's OpenAthens domain.

      • For III, omit the following characters at the beginning of your proxy URL: 0-.

      There can be a delay of up to 72 hours between the time that the proxy URL is updated in the Client Center Library Settings and when that update reflects in Summon. Please contact Support to request daily manual overrides if you are not able to keep the old and new proxy servers running concurrently for this time period.

    4. You will also need to enter your library's Summon base URL into your EZproxy config file or your III WAM tables, depending on which system you use.

      • HAN does not require adjustments to its own configuration settings.

      • In the following examples, you will need to replace MYDOMAIN with your Summon domain name.

      Example 1 - EZ Proxy Stanza for Summon:

      Summon 2.0 makes use of JSON to pull in the results from the Summon API prior to displaying them in the browser. To make EZproxy rewrite links in the JSON responses, include the below MIMEfilter directive. Re-writing CSS files automatically happens with EZproxy 6.0.8, so the below directive is relevant only for libraries using earlier versions of EZproxy.

      T Summon



      MimeFilter application/json .* javascript

      Example 2 - III WAM Table Entry for Summon:

      Required Generic Entry

      IP Address/Host Name:

      Port: 80

      Database Identifier: <leave this blank>

    5. Review proxy configurations for resources supporting Index-Enhanced Direct Linking (IEDL)

      Many providers support IEDL linking as opposed to the standard OpenURL approach that link resolvers have traditionally used. The necessary proxy configuration for IEDL linking to some providers can differ from what is usually used to access those providers, so we maintain this list that includes appropriate proxy addresses for IEDL.
      We have additional items that also require your attention: In each case, to request a change, use the Support Portal option at the top of this page:
      • We can enable automatic proxying of your catalog record links.

      • If you would like only the records with 856 field URLs to be proxied, you will need to hard-code the proxy directly with those URLs in the MARC records.

        If you use 360 MARC Updates, we can enable automatic proxying of those 856 links.

      If you use a system other than the three options above, and would like to see this level of support extended to your proxy system, please let us know by sending a request to us using the Support Portal option.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014

    • Last Edited Date: 15-Jun-2020

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