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    Summon: Citation Trails

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    Citation trails allow you to explore a topic and collect material by following a chain of articles that cite each other. This feature enhances serendipitous discovery and allows you to easily see the academic context of your sources. Citation trails work in two directions:

    • Cites – Articles that this article cites.

    • Cited by – Articles that cite this article.

    Citation trails data comes from Crossref, and only items with a DOI in the record can display this information.

    This gives you easy access to important articles that will expand and enrich your own work. For example, the following record has both types of citations.


    Selecting a citation link in the record, opens a page that lists the records that match the type of citation that you have selected: Cites or Cited by. The following example lists the records that this record cites.


    As you link to other records' citations, you can see the trail by selecting the View your citation path link. The depth of the path appears next to the link:


    From the path, you can return to a previous citation in the trail by selecting its link. To display your original search results, select the Search tab.

    In order to provide a comprehensive list of citations, some of these references may be outside of your library’s collection.

    For configuration information, see Search Results in the Summon Administration Console.

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