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    CIRC: Operator ID not recorded for charge and discharge

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 8.2.0

    Problem Symptoms

    • In exception reports, Operator ID is missing and reports of same type (05, 06, 07) are not processed
    • Receive errors in Reporter indicating .inp file cannot be processed

    Defect Status

    Issue VYG-1908 is fixed in Voyager 8.2.2.

    Replication steps

    1. Attempt to process in Reporter
    2. Receive error in Reporter:

    Unprocessed Report and/or Notice Items
    The following Operations contained Error records which were not processed.
    Circulation Reports

    1. Note errors in C:/Voyager/Reporter/Reports/*.err file:

    05|97.2|02/28/2013|*CIRCMAIN|Foreign Item Discharged|ARTnews|C01234567|02/27/2013|
    05|97.2|02/28/2013|*CIRCMAIN|Lost Item Discharged|Mathematics skills|C89101112|02/27/2013|
    06|97.2|02/28/2013|*CIRCMAIN|Fine Limit Override|Smith, John |1234567|02/27/2013|
    07|97.2|02/28/2013|*CIRCMAIN|Non-Circulating Item Ovrd|Smith, John |1234567|Headphones|B987654|02/27/2013|

    1. Note errors in C:/Voyager/Reporter/Reports/*.msg file:

    Line: 1 Column: 122 Missing Operator ID
    Line: 2 Column: 125 Missing Operator ID


    Edit the *.err file to include operator IDs so file can be re-processed.

    See also "Error Record Processing" section of Voyager Reporter documentation

    • Article last edited: 26-Feb-2019
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