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    ERROR Index Failure message encountered during BulkImport

    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: All
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local;

    Problem Symptoms

    • When BulkImport is running, the following message appears in log.imp.* file: ERROR Index Failure while trying to create bib. Rejecting Record to error file
    • Saving records in the Cataloging client may also give "Unable to add record" message.


    • Database needs additional tablespace; or
    • The dynamic keyword file is too large and a keyword regen is needed; or
    • Problem with the import file data1.


    1. Launch UTIL menu:
      1. SSH as voyager to server
      2. dlib xxxdb
      3. util
    2. Check tablespace:
      1. O: Oracle Maintenance
      2. C: Check the Oracle tablespace for xxxdb
      3. Enter oracle administrative user.
      4. Enter password.
      5. Note message:
        1. Tablespace xxxdb used space is OK. It is using 45%. The maximum recommended used space is 80%.OR
        2. Tablespace xxxdb is using 80%. It EXCEEDS the recommended amount of % used.
      6. Message 2.5.2. will automatically give option to create an additional datafile.
    3. Check keyword information
      1. I. Index Maintenance
      2. I. Keyword Info
      3. Note "Keyword Regen suggested" value
        1. If "Yes", run keyword regen. See Note
        2. If "No", keyword index maintenance may not be needed.
    4. 1Try importing a totally different file of MARC records. Note especially any RDA 33x fields where the length of the subfield b is less than expected by the MARC standards (Media is 1, Carrier is 2, Content is 3).
    5. If steps above do not resolve, or more information/assistance is desired, open a Case with Support via Support Portal, and include any steps taken to attempt resolution and the outcome of those steps.

    IMPORTANT: During a keyword regen, your catalog is read-only. It can be searched, and Circulation activities can continue, but no catalog records can be updated.

    Additional Information

    Who can run a keyword regen?

    • Article last edited: 20-Jun-2020
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