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    How do Grace Periods work in Voyager?

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    How do Grace Periods work in Voyager?


    • There are two Grace Periods that can be configured in Voyager ("Grace Period" and "Recall Grace Period"). They are configured in:
      • System Administration > Circulation > Policy Definitions > Policy Definition Name > Matrix.
    • Defining a Grace Period with a value from 1 to 999 means the patron may return the item late without incurring overdue fines provided the discharge date/time is before the end of the Loan or Renewal Period plus the Grace Period.
    • If the Loan Period is days, hours, or minutes, the Grace Period defaults to the same interval.
    • A value of 0 means there is no Grace Period.
    • This is the only purpose of Grace Periods. It is only designed to automatically forgive fines on items that are turned in within the grace period.
    • Circulation Notices (courtesy and overdue) are generated during the Grace Period as configured.
    • The system still accrues fines during the Grace Period.
      • If the item is discharged after the end of the Grace Period, the system does not take the Grace Period into account when calculating overdue fines. In other words, the grace period is not used as a period of time for which overdue fines are not charged if the item is turned in late.
    • If an item is recalled, fines start accruing after:
      • The minimum loan for recalls + the recall return interval + the recall grace period.



    • Grace Period = 5 days 
    • Fine = 2 dollars a day 
    • Book is returned on 5th day after being overdue ... no fine 
    • Book is returned on 6th day after being overdue .. 12 dollar fine 

    Additional Information

    See Chapter 5 of the System Administration User's Guide


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