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    How to add or edit keyword search index definitions

    • Product: Voyager


    How to create new keyword search index definition and have it appear in the Cataloging Client and/or the OPAC, or edit an existing keyword search index definition?


    In System Administration > Search > Indexes - Keyword Definitions

    1. Click New to create new definition.
    2. Fill in required information (you must complete all four of the following tabs in order to Save your new definition):
      1. Index tab: provide unique 4-character alphanumeric search code, search name1,2
      2. Definitions tab: Type in 3-digit tag plus 1-character subfield code for each field/subfield to be indexed
      3. Sort Order tab: Choose primary, secondary & tertiary sort for non-relevance searches on this index
      4. Search Results tab: Choose fields from BIB_TEXT to display in search results list.
      5. Check OPAC Suppress and Staff Suppress checkboxes as desired.
    3. Click Save.

    To edit an existing keyword index:

    1. Highlight an index and click Edit to update existing keyword definition.
    2. Definitions tab: add or remove field/subfields to be indexed by this search index.
    3. Click Save.


    1Note that the following limit codes (found in the file) should not be used when creating keyword definitions as there are reports of problems when subsequently applying search limits in the OPAC and cataloging module:

    #  LANG   Language
    #  MEDI   Medium (or Format)
    #  PLAC   Place
    #  STAT   Status
    #  TYPE   Item Type
    #  DATE   Date
    #  LOCA   Location
    #  CONT   Content
    #  MEDA   Media
    #  CARR   Carrier


    You can't create a keyword definition for the Voyager Bibliographic Record ID (BBID, BIB_ID). The BBID is the Voyager BIB record's 001 field.  The BBID field does not have a subfield (which is required by SYSADMIN when creating a definition). If you add a definition using 001a (or any other 1-character subfield code), matching on BBID will no longer function in Voyager Bulk Import, and GDC data change jobs will no longer work.

    Additional Information

    See System Administration User's Guide for additional information.

    You do not need to re-index your database when you add a new keyword search index definition. For example, you can add a search index for the Notes field (500a).  You will need to close your Cataloging Client and reopen it to see the index in the "Builder" tab after you create and save your new index. 

    Similarly, you will need to totally close out your browser to test your new index in WebVoyage.

    Follow same procedure for holdings keyword indexes in System Administration > Search > Indexes - Holdings Keyword Definitions

    2Note that some 4 character codes are "reserved" and will produce an error when used in the "Code" box when creating a New Search Index.  See: Reserved Search Code article.

    Left-anchored and heading indexes cannot be created by customers.  See: Create a left-anchored or heading index?

    • Article last edited: 28-Oct-2020
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