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    ORA-28040 when using Oracle 10g Client with Voyager 10.2

    • Product: Voyager    
    • Product Version: 10.2
    • Relevant for Installation Type: All



    After upgrading to Voyager 10.2 connection to Voyager using Oracle 10g client produces error "ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol" and "Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed (#0)".


    The Voyager server requires some additional configuration in order for the ODBC 10g drivers to work with Voyager 10.2.

    The steps included below can be run by a server Administrator, or you can contact Support and we will run the steps for you.


    The following configurations should be performed as the oracle user:

    1. Log into the voyager server as oracle
    2. Open the file /exlibris/oracle/app/oracle/product/<oracle version>/network/admin/sqlnet.ora and add the following line:


    1. Log into sqlplus as sysdba:

    sqlplus '/ as sysdba'

    1. In sqlplus run the following commands using your own read only user and read only password:

    alter user <read only user> identified by <read only password>


    1. Restart the Oracle listener:

    lsnrctl reload

    1. Re-attempt connecting to Voyager using ODBC with Oracle 10g drivers.


    • Article last edited: 5/26/2020
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