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    Run MARC Record Bulk Export in WebAdmin and nothing happens

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare


    Problem Symptoms

    • Run MARC Bulk Export ("BulkExport") through WebAdmin
    • No e-mails received indicating job progress
    • No Bulk Export log files created
    • Subsequent jobs do not run


    This may occur if a wa-task.file gets stuck and prevents any other wa-task files from completing (See Basic steps in the Voyager WebAdmin operation flow to learn about wa-task files).


    SSH to the server and login as the "voyager" user.

    Remove wa-task files from /m1/voyager/tmp and restart WebAdmin.

    1. On the server, navigate to /m1/voyager/tmp
    2. Remove all wa-task files from tmp directory
      [VGER] voyager@xxxx : tmp/ $ rm wa-task*
    3. cd ../xxxdb/sbin (where xxxdb is the Voyager Database Instance)
    4. Pwebadmind restart (or wait until after the next server reboot)


    If /m1/voyager/tmp has accumulated a large number of files, you can move the /tmp directory off and start fresh.

    1. cd /m1/voyager
    2. mv tmp tmp.<date>
    3. mkdir tmp
    4. chmod 777 tmp
    5. cd xxxdb/sbin (where xxxdb represents your Voyager database instance name)
    6. Pwebadmind restart (or wait until after the next server reboot)

    Additional Information

    The WebAdmin back end only runs a single task at a time.  If the current job gets interrupted for any reason, the job's wa-task* file is not deleted, and when WebAdmin scans for the next task to run, it will find that task.  This can result in a "loop" and prevent succeeding WebAdmin jobs from running.  The solution is to identify the job, remove its wa-task* file from the queue directory. and then kill the job.

    See also:  Run BulkImport in WebAdmin and nothing happens


    • Article last edited: 10-Sept-2020
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