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    Set Up SSH Port Forwarding in Putty

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Voyager


    How to set up SSH port forwarding through PuTTY?


    • This procedure involves making an SSH connection to the Voyager server.
    • Setting up SSH Port Forwarding routes Voyager connections over this connection using PuTTY (and not the VPN).
    • Setting up SSH Port Forwarding can be a useful step toward confirming whether or not there is an issue with local network infrastructure.


    1. PuTTY installed on your PC
    2. Credentials for the Voyager server's voyager user.
    3. SSH access from your PC to the Voyager server via the voyager user.


    1. Set up PuTTY to access SSH on the Voyager server via the voyager user account.


    2. Log into the Voyager server by clicking the Open button and enter your credentials.
    3. Click on the small icon in the upper left corner to access the Putty Menu, then click on Change Settings...

    4. Click on Connection > SSH > Tunnels
    5. Enter port number as the Source port and host:port as the Destination, then click Add.
      1.  Example: port forward 7040, host IP 123.45.678.9
        1. Source Port: 7040
        2. Destination: 123.45.678.9:7040
    6. Check both boxes at the top: Local ports accept connections... and Remote ports do the same...
    7. Select the Local & Auto radio buttons at the bottom.


    8. Repeat step 5 for all Voyager client ports from the Voyager.ini file, including port 25 for Email.
    9. In the Voyager.ini file, change all instances of the server IP address to localhost (make sure your port series is correct!). 


    10. Save your settings in PuTTY and double-check them.
    11. Ensure you are logged into the server via SSH through PuTTY.
    12. Open client(s) using your PuTTY configuration tunnel settings.

    Additional Information

    You can also use SecureCRT in a similar fashion to set up Port Forwarding.  Add the ports to the Connection > Port Forwarding configuration as shown below:



    See also: Port forwarding using plink.exe to run Voyager clients or Prepackaged Access Reports


    • Article last edited: 21-May-2020
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