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    How should we prepare for the switching to React Native?

    • Product: campusM
    • Operating system: iOS, Android

    Congratulations on choosing to migrate your apps to React Native. We are confident that this move will provide an enhanced experience for both you and your users. To delve deeper into the advantages of this transition, please visit our React Native documentation here.

    What does ‘Going Live’ with React Native Mean?

    When you are ready to go live with the new React Native App, we will build the latest version of the React Native app and submit it to the app store for approval and release. Once available, the app will generally be pushed to users’ devices automatically. In some scenarios, users might be required to re-authenticate upon launching the updated app.
    Going forward, all subsequent updates to the app will be based on the React Native version. This ensures that users seamlessly benefit from the latest features, enhancements, and optimizations.

    Preparing to Switch

    You now have access to the React Native versions of your Preview app, conveniently available for download from App Center alongside the existing non-React Native version. Here are the key steps to ensure a smooth transition:

    1. Accessing Preview App:
    • Log in to App Center and click on the Preview App for your desired platform (iOS or Android).
    • Navigate to Distribute, where you'll find a list of available builds, distinctly marked by React Native version numbers (e.g., 11.X.X).

    NOTE: you may encounter multiple apps with the same version in the list. This is a result of provisioning against different distribution destinations, however, there is no difference between each row if they have the same version number.

    2. Undertake Smoke Testing:

    We have been working hard with early adopters to kick the tires on the platform in the field, but we would encourage you to undertake your own smoke testing against your configuration to assure yourself all is well.

    Areas to consider for testing include: 

    Ready to Migrate?

    Upon completing your due diligence and confirming your readiness to migrate, please update our support team via the support portal. Confirm your checks and formally request the go-live process.

    Should you encounter any issues during your testing phase, please do not hesitate to inform us through the support desk. Please provide details on the behavior expected and observed, as well as the app version details and device platform to aid our troubleshooting.

    We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible migration experience and are readily available to assist.

    Check out our React Native FAQs for answers to common questions here.


    • Article last edited: 25-Jan-2024
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