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    Enabling/Disabling Services in Apps

    Enabling/Disabling Services for Specific Roles

    To enable or disable a service in the app, select the profiles and/or app roles for which a service appears. You do this in the Configuration Tabs of the App Builder (App Builder > Configurations Tab).
    To enable/disable a service for an app role:
    1. Select the service in the Device Display Pane or in the Menu Options tab. A tab for the service opens in the Configuration Tabs.
    2. In the Roles field, select the link. The list of app roles appears in an overlay pane.
    3. Select or clear the desired roles and then select away from the pane.
    If you are currently viewing the App Builder without the app role required to view the service (no app role corresponding to the service is selected in the Profile/Roles Selection menu), the tile does not appear in the Device Display Pane. This simulates the fact that the end-user with the currently selected app roles does not see this service in the app.
    For the default banner service, you can also hide each image by role. For feed services, feeds are enabled/disabled according to their category. Map locations are enabled/disabled by their location category.

    Enabling/Disabling a Service for All Roles

    You can disable a service altogether in one of the following ways:
    • Hide the service - Select Yes for the Hide property for the service (see Configuring How Services Appear). This does not actually disable the service, but this hides it from the app screen. The service can be accessed by the end-user, if any other service redirects to this service.
    • Disable the service - Select the Disabled checkbox for the service (see Configuring How Services Appear).
    • Delete the service - Select Delete beside the service in the service tab of the App Builder and select Delete in the confirmation dialog box. The service is deleted after you save your changes.
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