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    360 Core: Total Holdings Number on Data Summary Page vs. Data Management Page

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    Why does the Total Holdings number on my Client Center Data Summary page not match the total number of holdings on my Data Management home page?

    The Data Summary page is meant to be a snapshot of information about your library's collection; specifically, databases, titles and holdings. The numbers on this page are derived from specific calculations, explained below.
    The Data Summary page is accessed from the Client Center's Data Summary link:
    Client Center Home page: Data Summary link
    Data Summary Page
    The data displayed on Data Summary include:
    Total Databases: The total number of "active" library databases in your library's Client Center profile. The number of databases is calculated without regard to Status -- so, if a library with 360 Resource Manager has activated databases with statuses such as "on trial," "under review," or "canceled," these databases will be counted in Data Summary.
    Total Unique Titles: The total number of unique titles in the library's profile. Again, this is calculated for all titles regardless of status.
    Total Holdings: The total number of holdings across all of the library titles in all of the library databases. This number is also calculated without regard for the status of the title/holding.
    A "holding" is defined as a physical instance of a database/title. Most database/titles in 360 KB have only one holding associated with them, but some have multiple holdings. For example, the following database/title has two holdings, each with separate coverage dates and URLs:
    Holdings Details Page, Defaults for Holdings
    To clarify, let's compare a library's Data Management page and the Data Summary numbers.
    Here is a complete Data Management page:
    Data Management Example
    On the Data Summary page, Total Databases will be listed as 3.
    If there is no duplication of titles across these databases, Total Unique Titles will be listed as 101 (15+85+1 = 101). However, if any of these titles appear in more than one database, then Total Unique Titles will be fewer than 101.
    If there is no title duplication across databases and there are not multiple holdings for one title within a single database, then Total Holdings will also be 101. However, if a there are multiple holdings for a single title, then the number of holdings will be correspondingly higher.
    Therefore, the numbers in Data Summary are not a direct reflection of the numbers in Data Management; the numbers in Data Management reflect all titles, and duplication is not readily apparent.
    The numbers displayed in Data Summary are calculated in real-time. So, when someone from your library makes changes to your library's Client Center profile that results in the addition or removal of a database, title, or holding, the numbers in Data Summary will change immediately (as will the information in Data Management).
    In contrast to the Data Management system, the Data on Demand tool is updated by the Daily Profile Data Refresh, which usually reflects yesterdays changes and does not change in real-time.
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