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    Serials Solutions: Getting Started

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    What do we need to do to get started with our Serials Solutions services?

    This document is designed to get you familiar as quickly as possible with Serials Solutions' products and services. The information below is not intended to be a complete guide to everything about Serials Solutions; rather, it is a place to begin as you get foundational information on Serials Solutions' services. Some of the resources below may be especially relevant to the staff in your library who may not be responsible for setting up or maintaining your Serials Solutions services, but would like a quick introduction.

    This document has three sections; click the section title here to jump straight to that section:

    Getting Ready

    Before the discussion of any Serials Solutions service can begin, it is important to understand 360 KB and its role. 360 KB is Serials Solutions' knowledgebase of authoritative e-resource metadata. The Serials Solutions staff of data specialists and catalogers work closely with publishers and content providers to collect and correct bibliographic metadata that accurately connects patrons to content, and helps you control your electronic collection.
    The effectiveness of your Serials Solutions subscriptions relies on you using the Client Center to tell Serials Solutions about your electronic resources so that your patrons are presented with appropriate resources via your Serials Solutions subscriptions.
    Learn about 360 KB: If you are unfamiliar with 360 KB, we encourage you to take some time with the options below to learn more about it:
    Play video icon  Watch an overview video (4 min) WMV MP4.
    Read Icon  Read about the 360 KB Collection Policy

    Getting Set

    You can continue your familiarization with Serials Solutions' products and services by clicking on the appropriate links below for discovery and management solutions.

    Discovery Solutions

    In general, discovery solutions are the tools with which library patrons interact with content. Serials Solutions e-discovery tools help patrons find the valuable content in your collection.
    E-Journal Portal: Serials Solutions' A-to-Z title list
    Play video icon  Watch an overview video of the E-Journal Portal (6 min) WMV MP4


    360 Link: Serials Solutions' open-URL link resolver

    Play video icon  Watch an overview video of 360 Link (6 min) WMV MP4
    The Summon Service: web-scale discovery
    Play video icon  Watch an overview video of the Summon service (6 min) WMV MP4
    360 MARC Updates: MARC records for your e-journals and e-books collection, which can be uploaded into your library's OPAC
    Play video icon  Watch an overview video of 360 MARC Updates (4 min) WMV MP4
    360 Search: Serials Solutions' federated-search product
    Play video icon  Watch an overview video of 360 Search Results (8 min) WMV MP4

    Management Solutions

    Serials Solutions' management tools are designed to help you increase efficiency and more effectively control electronic resources. These tools are generally not patron-facing, but may be used by a variety of members of the library staff.
    360 Core: This is the foundation for all other 360 discovery and management services. From 360 Core and the Client Center, you can control your access, management, and assessment services.
    360 Consortium Edition: management tools for sharing resources across a consortium
    360 Counter: Serials Solutions' tool to compare Project COUNTER resource usage statistics
    Play video icon  Watch an overview video of 360 Counter. (4 mins) WMV MP4
    360 Resource Manager: Serials Solutions' complete solution for managing the e-resource lifecycle
    Play video icon  Watch an overview video of 360 Resource Manager. (6 mins) WMV MP4
    Ulrichs: the authoritative source of bibliographic and publisher information
    Play video icon  Watch a video about searching in Ulrichsweb. (7 mins) WMV MP4


    Congratulations! You are now have a foundational understanding of Serials Solutions products. To expand your level of knowledge, you may find the following resources helpful:

    Additional Resources

    Play video icon Watch a recorded webinar.
    Register for a Live Webinar

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 20-Feb-2014
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