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    360 Consortium Edition: User Guide

    • Product: 360 Consortium Edition

    Where can I find a user guide for 360 Consortium Edition?

    360 Consortium Edition allows the top-down sharing of resources from a consortium to its member libraries.
    This User Guide outline below contains links to information throughout the Support Center on how to use 360 Consortium Edition.
    If you have other questions about 360 Consortium Edition that are not answered by information found here, you can search the rest of the Support Center using the Search function above.
    And you can always contact us for personalized help! Use the Contact Us menu near the top of this page, or call us at one of our worldwide telephone numbers.

    360 Consortium Edition User Guide

    The User Guide sections below can be expanded by clicking the plus (
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    ) symbols and collapsed by clicking the minus (
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    ) symbols. To read about a particular subject, click the title and you'll be taken to the document elsewhere in the Support Center that addresses that subject:
  • Consortium Functions
  • Member Library Functions
  • De-Duplicating Inherited Resources
  • Providing Inherited Resources to Library Patrons
  • Additional Support

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
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