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    360 Link: Create a Custom Link that Sends Citation Metadata

    • Product: 360 Link

    My library uses 360 Link with Index-Enhanced Direct Linking (IEDL), how can a custom link be set up to query a site like Google Scholar or OAIster?

    You can set up a custom link for users to query a variety of resources, without the user having to enter the search term.

    If the resource is listed below, you can use the linking syntax provided, and paste the URL into the URL field on the custom links setup page in the administration console. Please right-click and copy the link, as the display of the link may not be correct due to truncation.

    If the resource is not listed below, or if you need assistance with a resource listed below, help is available from our technical support staff who can be reached by using the Contact Us menu at the top of the Support Center.

    Google Scholar

    Search by Article Title<?atitle?>&btnG=


    Search for Other Works by The Author<?aulast?>
    Search by Patent Name<?title?>&hl=en&btnG=Search&as_sdt=100000000000001&as_sdtp=on
    Search by Inventor


    Search by Article Title<?atitle?>&fq=e7%3AText&qt=advanced&dblist=239
    Search by Article Title and Author<?atitle?>+au%3A<?aulast?>&qt=results_page&dblist=239&scope=0&oldscope
    Search by Book Title and Author<?title?>+au%3A<?aulast?>&qt=results_page&dblist=239&scope=0&oldscope
    Search by Author<?aufirst?>+<?aulast?>&fq=e7%3AText&qt=advanced&dblist=239

    ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

    Search by author and title<?aulast?>&title=<?title?>


    Search for the article<?issn?>&eissn=<?issn?>&volume=<?volume?>&spage=<?spage?>&artnum=<?artnum?>


    Search by Patent Number<?number?>.PN.&OS=PN/<?number?>&RS=PN/<?number?>

    Search by Title<?title?>&FIELD1=TI&co1=AND&TERM2=&FIELD2=&d=PTXT


    Search by Title<?title?>&qt=advanced&dblist=638
    Search by Author<?aufirst?>+<?aulast?>&fq=mt:ser&qt=advanced&dblist=638



    • Date Created: 18-Mar-2015
    • Last Edited Date: 2-Mar-2020
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