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    When adding an invoice the VAT% field was greyed out

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    I added an invoice (from PO) this morning for a new e-book title and I was unable to type 17.5% in the VAT% field as it was greyed out.
    This meant that when I hit ‘Save’ at the end I saw the ‘Confirmation Message’ shown in the second screen shot below, which says that “Vendor is Liable for VAT and VAT data is missing from invoice”.
    Please can you advise why I was unable to enter anything into the VAT% field?


    The reason why currently cannot edit the VAT amount and VAT % fields in the General Invoice summary manually is because someone added a VAT code to the Acquisitions configuration few days ago. You can only fill these two fields manually when there are *no* VAT codes configured.
    We'll make it more clear in the Online Help that you can *either* fill the fields manually *or* by using VAT codes. Once you've set up VAT codes, the VAT amount and VAT % fields cannot be filled manually anymore but only by choosing a VAT code and then clicking on 'Update Amount'. The system will then calculate the VAT amount and VAT % and fill the fields accordingly.

    Category: Acquisitions - Alma

    Subject: invoicing - Alma

    • Article last edited: 9/23/2014