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    There are several electronic resources which are now free.  How can I activate them for a limited time and then remove them when the limited time is over?

    Please see How to activate an electronic collection for a limited time period

    These resources can be activated using the "Active Until" field in the electronic resource service together with a public note.  These fields can then later be used to retrieve the resource and delete it.

    How to create a set for the job "Cancel Physical Item Requests"?

    In some cases, a set can be built using a query whereby the Process Type equals Hold Shelf (using physical items advanced search).

    In other cases it might be made  by Library name equals or does not equal {the specific library} (using physical items advanced search).

    Still further, both of the above criteria can be combined into one search and set.

    An additional section regarding the building of the set has been added to the How to delete physical item requests in batch .

    We had to change the opening dates of our library and now there are loans due when the library is closed.  How can I change the due dates to be when the library will reopen and also notify users of the due date change?

    See How to change the due date of a loan and send letter to patron after changing the calendar (using job Loans - Due Date Correction after Calendar Change)

    How to cancel physical hold requests in bulk for most patrons, but keep ILL requests active? 

    See How to delete physical item requests in batch

    It has a dedicated section on how to not delete the hold requests which are resource sharing requests (ILL). 

    You merely need to remove items in the resource sharing library from the set on which you will run the job “Cancel physical items requests”.

    What's the best way for temporarily deactivating certain pickup locations in Alma/Primo? 

    See How to temporarily deactivate certain pickup locations for hold requests.

    You merely need to uncheck “has hold shelf” in the circulation desks of the library which you want to remove from the pickup locations.

    What are the available options for updating loan due dates when libraries are closed and patrons are unable to return items? 

    See How to globally change lending loan due dates to a future dates

    It can be done by running the job “Bulk Change Due Dates”.

    My staff went through all of the fulfillment units and on the tab "Fulfillment Unit Details" we checked the button "No Requesting". But some items are still requestable.  What else do we need to do?

    The options on the tab "Fulfillment Unit Details" are fore the "On Shelf Request Policy".  This is for available (not loaned) items.  It does not apply for loaned items. If you want to "turn off" requests for the institution then it needs to be done in the Terms of Use (TOU) of the fulfilment unit rules for requests.  See  How to temporarily change all items of a library or institution to be not for loan and not requestable.

    Where in Alma do I need to define that users in Primo cannot request items?  I want staff in Alma to continue to be able to make requests, but we do not want users in Primo to make requests.

    You can leave all of the configuration as it is for the requests and request rules, and remove the 'Request" link for the users in Primo.  See How to temporarily remove the request link from Primo even for requestable items.

    If I am working from home how can I access Alma remotely to update our library users records? 

    You can enter Alma from anywhere, there is no need to install any software or clients.  That is the advantage of cloud based software.

    Your URL will be

    https://{instance}{institution code}

    For example if you are on na02 and your institution code is 01YILIS_INST then your URL will be:

    You will also need to make sure with your administrator or systems librarians that there are no ip limitations at “Configuration > General > Security > Login Restriction Configuration”.

    If there are limitations either:

    • The limitations can be removed
    • In your user record check the box “Disable all login restrictions”.

    How can I send a customized letter to students? 

    See How to send a customized letter to a set of users.

    We are at the implementation phase of Alma. How can we test some of Alma's workflows and integrations if we are working remotely?

    Please see a list of alternative options in this excel Testing Alma Remotely.



    How can I access the Primo Back Office while working remotely ?

    The Primo Back Office interface is IP restricted for security measures and closed to the world. We recommend using the university VPN or remote desktop solutions in order to gain campus IP when working remotely in order to access the Primo BO. If you cannot access and require help with a specific task (such as disabling a pipe), please contact support via a case and we will see how we can assist you in your task.

    How can I add a message to patrons within Primo regarding the situation? 

    Primo allows creating notifications and messages in multiple places, see below a few suggestions of messages and notifications you may consider adding to your discovery:

    • Use a static HTML tile in the Primo homepage
      • This can be done using the customization package, see details in

    How to edit a static tile to the Primo home page - Using Primo VE  or How to edit a static tile to the Primo home page - Using BO

    • Use the Sign-in bar alert
      • You can easily configure the labels of the sign-in bar to include you message, see details in

    How to add a message using the sign-in alert bar in Primo and Primo VE

    • Use the page footer to display a message across all Primo pages
      • This can be done using the customization package, see details in

    How to add a footer to Primo - Using Primo VE  or How to add a footer to Primo - Using BO


    You may choose to utilize one or more of these ideas.

    How can I point patrons to relevant pages & resources (eg. databases, university and library information pages) if they search for coronavirus related materials in Primo? 

    See more information and how to set this up in  How to recommend relevant resources for patron searches in Primo VE  or How to recommend relevant resources for patron searches in Primo BO

    This can be easily done by setting up the Primo Resource Recommender, to point patrons to relevant webpages and resources based on keywords which you define. If patrons search for COVID-19 or coronavirus you can suggest a link to the university page on the current situation or the updated library hours page, which they will see above their search results.

    How do I direct my patrons to search electronic materials by default in Primo VE? 

    See How to add a search profile for only electronic materials - Using Primo VE

    Follow the steps to easily create a custom search scope that will include only records with electronic inventory and Central Index materials. This does not require reloading or re-indexing any data and can be set up and seen immediately.



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