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    How to upgrade to Aleph 21 and ARC 3.0

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, ARC 2.0, 3.0

    Desired Outcome Goal:

    How to upgrade to Aleph 21 and ARC 3.0


    Aleph 21
    Documentation about the upgrade process can be found in our documentation center:

    - Aleph installation kit : describing the installation process with the AIK
    - Requirements for Aleph 21 installation: please read the requirements carefully.


    Take a special note, that the Upgrade to the new Aleph version involves an Upgrade to Oracle version and possibly the Operating system.
    For Aleph 21 Operating system Red Hat 6 and SUN Solaris 2.10 (SPARC and x86)

    - For OS requirements consult documents:
    Knowledge Center > Cross-Product > Technical Documentation > System Requirements
    "Operating System Requirements ..."

    For the installation Ex Libris will sent you licenses for your test system and productions system.

    - Check, whether your servers can be upgraded to Aleph 21 using the "Automated sizing form": Automated Server Sizing Check for Upgrade Compatibility

    - After the installation is completed, you will have to upgrade the configuration files and data.
    You can find the relevant documentation for the Upgrade Express procedure in our documentation center here:

    - Upgrade Express 20.01 to 21.01 User Guide

    In order to download the relevant packages (AIK, Upgrade Express kit 20 - 21 ), please see KB article "Download information UEX kits 18-19 ,19-20 , 20-21 and AIK Aleph 21

    ARC 3.0
    * Create a separate incident with "Request for ARC installation".
    The ARC version must be upgraded at the same time as the Aleph version. Aleph 21 is only capable to work with ARC 3.0.
    ARC 3.0 is not released for self installation, therefore you will have to request the ARC installation from Ex Libris, that is provided free of charge including the migration of the reports to the higher version.

    * Use the following forms from Aleph Reporting Center > Version 3.0 >
    - Request for ARC installation
    - Request for a Copy of ARC Installation

    * You can find additional documents describing the ARC 3.0 version in the Knowledge Center at 'Release Notes > Aleph Reporting Center > Version 3.0'
    - Installation and Upgrade Information
    - Release Notes



    Additional Information

    See also: Aleph Upgrade Process


    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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