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Activating an Electronic Portfolio in Alma - Checklist


  • Product: Alma



How to activate an Electronic Portfolio? What are the steps?


  1. In the Community tab, search for the title, ISBN or ISSN. For example find "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-5".
  2. If this is the correct title, click "Electronic" to see the list of Electronic Collections that offer access to this title.
    1. If unsure, you can click the "Linking Information" for each, to compare with the URL that your vendor gave you. 
  3. On this page you can "Activate" the Portfolio. 
  4. If it is from an Electronic Collection that is activated now for the first time, remember to edit the Collection's Full-Text Service, and add Proxy information in the Linking tab of the Full-Text Service.
  5. It is also possible to create a Local Portfolio, from: Alma > Create Inventory. The form enables selecting a bib record from the Institution Zone or the Community Zone - or creating the title ad-hoc. Add the URL and if an Electronic Collection exists in the Alma Repository, link it too.