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Claim sent to vendor for order even though item received in Alma

  • Product: Alma


Alma sends a claim notification for items that have been received.

The item linked to the PO Line has been marked as received by updating the Received date in the item record, but the item is still displayed in the Receiving task list (workbench)


If no more items are expected, remove the PO Line from the Receiving menu:

  1. Make you select a location with an Acquisitions department as your physical location 
  2. Go to Acquisitions > Receiving and Invoicing > Receive
  3. Find the PO Line for the affected item
  4. Ensure that the "Keep in department" option is not checked
  5. Select the PO Line > Row actions > Receive
    This cancels the claim because you have received the item

Additional Information

This happens when you have updated the received date in the item record instead of using the receiving workflow. To prevent this, receive items via alma acquisitions receiving menu vs item list

Receiving Physical Material 

Activating Electronic Resources


  • Article last edited: 15-Apr-2021