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    Receiving Items via Alma Acquisitions Receiving Menu vs Item List

    • Product: Alma


    What is the difference between creating an item in the Add Items menu and receiving an item through Alma Acquisitions?


    Creating an item during the ordering process and using the Receiving menu will update the Item Process type and move the item through the Acquisitions workflow. Bypassing this process and creating the item separately from the order will result in Acquisitions identifying the order as not received and initiating claiming for the item

    The Receiving task list in Acquisitions (Acquisitions > Receiving and Invoicing > Receive) updates the item to remove the process type and change the item status to "in place" unless "keep in department" is selected. This notifies Alma that the item will not need to be claimed as a missing order.

    It is possible to bypass creating inventory during the ordering process. However, if you add a received date to the item without using the Receiving menu in Acquisitions, it will not clear the process type. This means that Alma will initiate claiming eventually, since the order will appear to not have been received.