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    Disable renewals on requested item which is on loan (recalled)

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    How to disable renewals on a requested item which is on loan?



    Here is how one site resolved this issue, while allowing recalls, but retaining current due date:


    1. Go to: Fulfillment Configuration Menu > Loan recalls Configuration
    2. Set the "PATRON_PHYSICAL" parameter to "Yes"
    3. Loan TOU is in this case has:
    -- Is Recallable = No Recall
    -- Recall Period = No Recall Due Date


    When an item is on loan and someone else requests that item, the item status changes to "Recalled". The current borrower will not be able to renew the recalled item. It will retain its current due date.


    If you would like to shorten the due date or otherwise alter the terms of use for a recalled item, you can set this in the Fulfillment Unit Terms of Use and Policies. Set the parameter "Is Recallable" to "Recall Allowed". Now the parameters below, such as "Recall Period" and "Recall Overdue Fee," will affect the recalled loan.


    If you do not wish to change anything about the terms of use, leave the "Is Recallable" policy as "No Recalls" Only renewals will be blocked.


    Additional Information

    More information exists in the Alma Online Help, at:




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    • Article last edited: 30-MAR-2016