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    How to link a set of Alma standalone portfolios to a community zone collection?

    • Product: Alma


    How do I link a set of Alma standalone portfolios to a Community Zone (CZ) collection?
    We would like to continue using our migrated bibs in our Institution Zone (IZ), not the bibs from the CZ.
    However, we would like to receive portfolio updates from the CZ.


    In order to link a set of standalone portfolios to a CZ collection, first create a local collection:

    1. Go to Alma > Resources > Inventory > Add Local Electronic Collection
    2. In the Electronic Collection Editor, add a Public name (mandatory) and other fields (as desired)
    3. Select Save and Continue
    4. Select the desired options on the Activation tab, and Save
    5. Select the desired options on the Additional tab, and Save

    Once created, select the Edit Service link from the action [...] menu:

    1. Select the Portfolios tab
    2. Select Add > Add from Set
    3. Choose the set of portfolios you wish to link to the community zone
    4. Submit and Confirm

    Once the portfolios have been added and the job is complete

    1. From the top right hand corner of the Electronic Service Editor, choose Save or Cancel to be returned to your recently created local electronic collection
    2. Select the Link Local Portfolios to Community link from the action [...] menu
    3. From Electronic Collection Name menu, search and select the desired Community Zone electronic collection
    4. To maintain your local bibs and receive portfolio updates from the CZ, select "NO" for the Use the community bibliographic records
    5. Click the Link button in the top right hand corner and then Confirm

    Additional Information

    NOTE: when you link a portfolio to the Community Zone (CZ) using “Link Local Portfolios to Community” you can only link multiple portfolios at one time, rather than just a single portfolio (all or nothing).
    You can link an individual portfolio to the CZ, but only if it's a standalone portfolio.
    If it's attached to an electronic collection, you need to remove the portfolio from the collection, then Link to Community.

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