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    Migrating ebooks from Dawsonera to Ebook Central – updating electronic inventory in Alma

    See also Dawson customers switching to ProQuest Ebook Central (EBC) platform - FAQ

    If you are using the Dawsonera CZ collection to manage Dawson ebooks

    1.       Use ProQuest Ebook Central  Integration Profile to automatically upload electronic holdings. This will activate all the portfolios which the library has access to via ebook central.

    2.       Deactivate Dawsonera CZ collection, or use Portfolio Loader to deactivate selected titles in Dawsonera CZ collection

    If you are using standalone portfolios for Dawsonera ebooks

    1.       Create a set of portfolios that will be moved from Dawsonera to Ebook Central

    2.       Create a local collection and attach the affected portfolios from Dawsonera to it

    3.       Use ProQuest Ebook Central  Integration Profile automatic upload of electronic holding

    This will activate all the portfolios which have access to via ebook central.

    4.       Optional – you may want to set up an import profile for loading MARC records for future Ebook Central one-off purchases

    5.       Deactivate the portfolios in the local Dawsonera collection created at step 2.

    6.       Suppress the Dawsonera bib records as a set

    7.       Optional: If the institution has POLs/licenses/local notes associated with the Dawsonera portfolios that you wish to preserve then you can use 'Move electronic portfolio information' job

    8.       Update Dawsonera ebooks which are not matched in EBC

    Any remaining titles that have not been matched to any titles on Ebook Central, and so will not be migrated to Ebook Central, will need to be activated by the customer through ALMA CZ profiles or their local collection.

    Leganto customers:

    1.       Run the Process and enrich Citations in Bulk job to link the new records added per the procedure above to the Leganto lists.

    • Article last edited: 28-Jul-2020