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    Pickup Locations list for Requests: how to add/remove/manage the selection?


    How to change the list of Pickup locations which displays when creating a physical item request?
    For example one location needs to be removed, and not display in the Primo GetIt tab.


    A few suggestions:

    1. Look at the "Request" Terms of Use (ToU) parameter of "Pickup Locations".
    If it states "Pickup only in owning library" - change the value to: "Anywhere" (Configuration: Fulfillment > Terms of Use and Policies > Terms of Use Type: "Request").

    2. Check the "On Shelf Request Policy" configuration for the Fulfillment Unit.
    If "Request for pickup anywhere regardless of availability" is selected, no restrictions exist based for pickup libraries information (Fulfillment Configuration Menu > Fulfillment Units).

    3. Inspect the Fulfillment "Relations" and their "Deliver to" setup.
    This is generally configured during implementation (Configuration: Fulfillment > filter to the Library level > click: Relationships). 

    4. Add or remove (as relevant) the "Hold Shelf" configuration for the Circulation Desk of this Location.
    Checking "has hold shelf" will add the desk/library to the list; un-checking it will remove it.

    5. For Booking Requests, two libraries were added to the Pickup Location, as they were not considered open yet in the Alma Calendar. 
    Once their Open Hours table was refreshed (opened and re-saved), they appeared in the Location list.  

    Additional Information

    The list of available pickup locations may change depending on whether the item is currently in place.

    See also the following online help pages:



    • Article last edited: 29-AUG-2023