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    Purge users based on a set, carefully

    • Product: Alma


    How to purge user records, carefully? If a user is deleted or purged, it is not possible to restore them, unless by creating the user again (manually, through the SIS XMLs or APIs).


    The steps are:

    1. Create a Set of Users. 
      • In Analytics, create what will be a basis for an Itemized Set. Ensure that the first column has the Primary IDs. The Header should be: USERNAME or Primary ID.
      • Or ,create a Logical Set of Users, from the Advanced Search.
    2. As precaution, some libraries create a distinct User Group (e.g. Graduates 2021).  Ensure that the Expiry Date defines exactly the group which should be deleted. If so, run the job "Update/Notify Users" to change the users' definition.
    3. Users can be removed from Alma from: Administration > User Management > Purge User Records.
      • Number of Days after Purge Date can be blank (more in the Online Help, link given below)
      • Specify correct User Record Type, as relevant
      • Specify the above unique User Group, e.g. "Graduates 2021", or expiry date.
      • "Waive Threshold" -  our experience lead us to recommend using the value of "1" or higher.


    Additional Information


    A movie (with clear instructions, albeit using outdated user interface) is attached: Attached file



    Last Updated: 2-MAY-2021


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