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    Configuring Payment Methods

    To configure payment methods, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    You can configure the payment methods that appear in the Payment method drop-down list when creating new invoices (see Creating an Invoice From a PO or Manually), or in the Payment Methods section when creating a new vendor account. The payment method designated as the default in the code table is selected by default when creating a new vendor account. If a payment method is defined as the default but it is not enabled, the first enabled payment method will be used. 
    You configure the payment methods on the Payment Method code table (Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > Invoices > Payment Method). For more information about code tables, see Code Tables.
    Payment Method Descriptions
    Description Code Explanation
    ACCOUNTINGDEPARTMENT The payment method is determined by the institutions accounting department (Invoice in Alma cannot be defined as Pre-Paid with this payment method).
    CASH Payment is done using cash.
    CREDITCARD Payment is done using a credit card.
    BANKTRANSFERS Payment is done using bank transfers.
    DEPOSITACCOUNT Payment is done using a deposit account where the institution deposits money with the vendor in advance.
    PREPAYMENT Payment is transferred before the actual purchases take place.
    SPECIALPAYMENT Special payment as decided between the institution and the vendor.
    ATTACHMENT Payment method is described within the Attachment tab at the vendor account/Invoice.

    The payment method indicates the way the payment is done between the institution's payment system (accounting department) and the vendor, There are no actual payment functionalities done within Alma. Changing the description of the payment method will not have any functional effect. For more information, see Financial Systems.

    Payment Methods.png
    Payment Method Code Table
    You can enable or disable a payment method, select the default method to be displayed, and change the display names (Description).