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    Purging Users

    Once the Purge Users Records job is initiated, there is no way to abort it. The job will run to completion and any users that fulfill the specified criteria will be deleted.
    You can run a job to delete users in bulk. The job removes users whose purge date has passed. Only users matching certain criteria can be deleted (see Deleting Users). To configure what happens with deleted user's data, see Configuring User Deletion.
    For information on deleting users in bulk, watch User Management Workflows (4:04).
    Note that you can only delete users that have a purge date indicated in their user record. You can set a purge date for a set of users in bulk using the "Update/Notify Users in Bulk" job (see Editing/Messaging Users in Bulk).
    You delete users in bulk on the Purge User Records page (Admin > User Management > Purge User Records):
    To create a purge users job:

    The purge users job does not delete users with Resource Sharing requests that are on the Hold shelf.

    1. On the Purge User Records page, select Add Job. The Add Job dialog box appears.
      The purge user records job.
      Add Job Dialog Box
    2. Enter the required information. The following table explains the fields in this dialog box.
      Add Job Fields
      Field Description
      Number of Days After Purge Date
      A grace period to apply to a user's purge data. For example, if this job is run on December 20, 2013 and this field is set to 10, the job purges every user whose purge date is before December 10, 2013. The default is 0, which means every user whose purge date is today or earlier.
      Users with no purge date are not purged by this job.
      It is recommended not to leave this setting at the default '0', as it can lead to the job not processing users as expected. Set the user purge date in the past, where possible, to ensure that the purge job processes the user.
      User record type
      Limit the job to specific record types.
      User group
      Limit the job to specific user groups.
      This field is only displayed after selecting a specific User Record Type.
      Waive threshold
      Specify the amount owed by the user (in local currency) that is ignored when purging users. If a user owes a total amount of fines/fees that is more than this value, the user is not purged. The default is 0.
    3. Select one of the following:
      • Add (and Confirm in the confirmation dialog box) to add the job to the job queue and add additional purge jobs.
      • Add and Close (and Confirm in the confirmation dialog box) to add the job to the job queue and close the dialog box.
    To monitor the job, see Viewing Running Jobs and Viewing Completed Jobs.
    For more information about purging patrons, see Patron Purge in Alma in the Developer Network.
    If Esploro is enabled for your institution, any affiliated researchers that are associated with assets or grants and that will be purged by this job become non-affiliated researchers. Some of their user information is retained, including name, IDs, emails, and other non-affiliated researcher fields.
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