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    Viewing Files Exported Using Export Jobs

    Users with the following roles can view exported files:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    • API Fulfillment Read
    • Catalog Administrator
    • Catalog Manager
    • Circulation Desk Manager
    • Circulation Desk Operator
    • Circulation Desk Operator - Limited
    • Course Reserves Manager
    • Course Reserves Operator
    • Designs Analytics
    • Fiscal Period Manager
    • Fulfillment Administrator
    • Fulfillment Services Manager
    • Fulfillment Services Operator
    • Fund Manager
    • General System Administrator
    • Invoice Manager
    • Invoice Operator
    • Ledger Manager
    • License Manager
    • Patron
    • Physical Inventory Operator
    • Purchasing Manager
    • Purchasing Operator
    • Purchasing Operator Extended
    • Receiving Operator
    • Receiving Operator Limited
    • Repository Administrator
    • Repository Manager
    • Requests Operator
    • Selector
    • Trial Manager
    • Trial Operator
    • Trial Participant
    • User Manager
    • Vendor Manager
    • Work Order Operator
    You can view files exported by Export type jobs (see Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets) on the Export Processes From Last 30 Days page (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Manage Exports).
    Exported Processes From Last 30 Days Page
    In the Private tab you can view all files that resulted from export jobs that you ran and marked Export folder = Private. In the Institution tab you can view all files that resulted from export jobs run by all users and that were marked Export folder = Institution.
    You can view files exported only within the last thirty days.
    To view a file:
    1. Select View Files in the row actions list. The Exported Files page appears.
      Exported Processes From Last 30 Days Page
    2. Select Download in the row actions list to download/view the file. See Exporting Metadata for information about the MMS ID field in the file. Note that an export file larger than 2 GB cannot be downloaded.
      To delete the file, select Delete in the row actions list.
    When the job is completed, a Process Bib Export Finished Letter is sent to the staff user to indicate that the export has finished.
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