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    Alma Multicampus Setup in Primo


    If you are working with Primo VE, see Multicampus Setup in Primo VE for more details.

    In Alma, electronic resources can be managed at the campus or library level. If there are significant differences between campuses or libraries in terms of electronic resource subscriptions, you should consider creating a separate Primo institution per Alma campus/library. This will ensure that every campus/library has its own CDI profile and that availability is relative to the campus. For information regarding multicampus setup in Alma, see Configuring Distributed Access to Electronic Resources and Defining Display Logic Rules at the Campus Level.


    The sections below describe the special aspects of setting up a Primo institution per Alma campus. Note that it is possible to implement multicampus configurations in different ways, but the implementation should be guided by your local requirements.

    Institution Wizard

    If you are defining an institution per campus/library in Primo, you must configure the following information in the Institution Wizard (Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Institution Wizard):
    • For each Primo institution, the Alma campus code must be specified in the Alma Campus Code field. The system uses this field for non-openURL functionality (such as for the Services Page, MetaLib, and the EBSCO API).
      Primo automatically stores the Alma campus code in the Alma Institution Campus Codes mapping table. The Alma institution and campus codes are separated by a colon and mapped to a Primo institution. For example:
      Alma Institution Campus Codes Mapping Table
      Alma Institution Code/Campus Code Primo Institution Name
      01MY_INST:NORTH North Campus
      01MY_INST:SOUTH South Campus
      This mapping table cannot be viewed or edited, but you are permitted to reference it from the normalization rules (see Normalization Rules for more information). The mapping table is hidden from view because the campus codes should be entered using the Institution Wizard only.
      When referencing this table from the normalization rules, the system converts the Primo institution name to the Primo institution code.
    • The Alma campus code must be appended to the base URL as follows:
      http://<Alma domain>/view/uresolver/<Alma institution code>/openurl-<Alma campus code>
      For example:
      Delivery Base URLs

    Physical Holdings

    Consider splitting physical holdings per campus so that the availability status that displays following RTA is applicable to the campus. If this is done, every campus-institution should have its own list of Primo libraries defined in the Institution Wizard.


    You may want to create a Primo view per campus. This will ensure that the CDI profile and full text availability is always relative to the campus when users do not sign in.

    Normalization Rules

    Because the out-of-the-box normalization rules create the delivery/institution field from the MARC INST field, you must update the rules to create a delivery/institution field for each of the institution's campuses. In multicampus configurations, the institution (subfield $$i) and campus (subfield $$c) information is populated in the MARC AVE field. The normalization rules can be implemented in different ways. One option is to use the Alma Institution Campus Codes mapping table to map the Alma institution and campus codes to a Primo institution code. For example:
    Alma Institution Campus Code Mapping table in Normalization Rules
    In principle, the Alma multicampus configuration in which every campus becomes a Primo institution is for electronic material. In some cases, it makes sense to also divide the physical holdings per campus instead of per some kind of centralized institution or only one of the campuses. If you want to split your physical holdings per campus, you can create the delivery/institution field for physical records using the Alma library code in AVA $$b.

    Additional Mappings

    The following table lists the out-of-the-box settings to the Primo mapping tables.
    Primo Mapping Table Configurations
    Table Description
    Templates mapping table
    The Alma campus code has been added to the following templates:
    • almasingle_services
    • almagetit_services
    • almaviewit_services.
    For example:
    ILS Adaptors Templates mapping table
    The Alma campus code has been added to the following template:
    • almasingle_services
    For example:
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