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    Distributed Access to Electronic Resources in Primo VE

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    In Alma, you can manage electronic resources at the campus/library level to allow discovery and delivery of electronic subscriptions that may vary between campuses/libraries. In Alma, these differences are handled by creating inventory management groups (see Configuring Inventory Management Groups) and by adding electronic profiles, which are based on the inventory groups, to the Central Discovery Index publishing profile. In Primo VE, these subscription differences are handled by defining separate CDI profiles and views for each campus/library.

    If you are managing electronic resources at the campus level, ensure that each campus has at least one associated library. For more information, see Configuring Campuses.


    This section describes the special aspects of setting up Primo VE for a multiple campus/library environment in which the availability of electronic resources may be different at the campus/library level.
    To configure Primo VE to support environments that distribute access to electronic resources:
    1. For each campus/library defined in an inventory management group, configure its CDI profile. For more details, see Configuring Central Index and Proxy Settings.
    2. For each campus/library defined in an inventory management group, create a view if it has not already been created. For more details, see Defining a View.
    3. Edit each view. On the General tab, ensure that each view is affiliated with the associated campus/library. For more details, see Defining a View.
      View's Campus/Library Affiliation
    4. For each inventory management group, add an electronic profile for each campus/library included in the inventory management group to the Central Discovery Index Publishing job. For more details, see Publishing to the Central Discovery Index.
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