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    Base URL for the Services Page


    If you are working with Primo VE, see Services Page for Primo VE for more details.

    In order for third-party sources to display Alma services via Primo, you must instruct the sources to send a base URL in the following format to Primo (new and classic UI):

    For PubMed, it is recommended to use the following format for the base URL:


    Where the base URL includes the following elements:

    • Primo_domain – Specify the Primo Front End server and port. In the case of multiple FE servers, use the server that serves as the load balancer.
    • Primo_institution_code – Specify the institution code used in Primo.
    • Primo_view_code – Specify the code of your Services Page view.
    • If you are switching from the classic Primo UI to the new Primo UI, there is no need change the base URL, but you will need to make sure that the New UI Enabled and Select View fields are configured in the Primo Back Office Institution Wizard.

    • If you are using the new Primo UI, use the code for your regular Primo view since there is no longer a need to have a dedicated Services page for the new Primo UI.

    For example: