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    Configuring Best Location


    If you are working with Primo VE, see Configuring Delivery Services for Primo VE for more details.

    To configure the order of Primo search results, you must have one of the following roles:

    • General System Administrator

    • Fulfillment Administrator

    Alma determines the display priority of locations primarily by availability. Holdings with the greatest number of available items appear first. In addition, Alma enables you to give preference to locations that match the IP address of the patron’s IP address. These locations include the AVA $$P field. For more information, see the following topic: Discovery in Collaborative Networks.

    The use of the AVA field is not necessary for Primo VE environments, but the configuration of sorting and priority in Alma is the same for both Primo and Primo VE. In addition, Primo VE can override Alma's custom sorting configuration. For more information, see Configuring the Get It Service for Primo VE.

    Alternatively, you can configure your own display order of locations, based on the considerations of your institution. When displaying a list of locations in the GetIt tab, if the record has multiple holdings, they are listed in the order that has been defined by the institution. Where the institutional priorities are not defined or are not relevant, alphabetical sorting is used.

    By default, holdings locations appear on the first page in Primo Get It based on one or more of the following criteria:

    • According to the holdings’ locations and their proximity to the patron, according to the library IP address. The locations in the libraries closest to the patron appear at the top of the holdings list. If these criteria are used, it takes priority over the holdings' availability.

    • According to the holdings’ availability, in the order (by default):

      1. In temporary locations
      2. In permanent locations
      3. In remote locations

    You can select a different order on the Locations Ordering Profile page (Configuration Menu > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Locations Ordering Profile):

    Location Ordering Profile Page

    Location Ordering Profile

    You can configure this ordering at the institution level only. Select the required institution from the Configuring filter on the Fulfillment Configuration page.

    To configure the order of locations:
    1. In the Use Alphabetical Sorting Only field, select Yes if you want to sort the holdings in Primo Get It alphabetically by the external name of the location, which is passed to Primo in the AVA $$c subfield during RTA. The alphabetical sorting logic is hard-coded.

      When this field is set to Yes, all other ordering fields on this page are disabled.

    2. In the Use "IP best location” sorting field, select Yes to configure the display of holdings by best location, which is determined by the location's priority in the AVA $$p subfield during RTA. IP addresses must be defined for the libraries. No indicates that holdings are displayed by availability and that for the display of holdings locations, IP addresses do not need to be defined. 

      IP addresses can be configured:

    3. In the Prefer remote storage field, select Yes to increase the priority of remote storage items when viewing results in Primo Get It, publishing to Primo, or the Primo RTA.

    4. To define custom sorting:
      1. In the Use Custom Sorting field, select Yes and then select the Set Custom Libraries Order link.

        When this field is set to Yes, all other location ordering fields are removed from this page.

      2. On the Custom Libraries Order page that opens, select Add Library.

      3. In the dialog that opens, indicate the order for each desired library. Enter numeric values, where 1 is the library that appears first in the list of locations in the Get It tab.

        Custom Libraries Order Page

        Custom Library Order
      4. The priority of each location within the library can also be determined by configuring the Discovery Priority attribute of a location (Configuration Menu > General > Locations > Physical Locations) when the selected configuration scope is a library. All Display first locations of the same library are sorted before other locations of the same library, and all Regular display locations of the same library are sorted before Display last locations of the same library. Locations within the same Discovery Priority are sorted by availability. For more details, see Configuring Physical Locations.


        Edit Physical Location's Discovery Profile 
    5. Select Save.

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