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Springshare Integration

Alma Analytics offers integration with Springshare Gate Counts and Reference data. This allows you to display LibInsights information in Alma Analytics reports. This page describes the procedures necessary to configure the integration.


Before you begin the Springshare Integration Configuration, you must have the following prerequisites:

  • An active subscription to Springshare LibInsights (LibInsight Lite is not supported)
  • A dataset in LibInsights for gate counts or reference data

Confirming the Springshare LibInsights Dataset

To integrate Alma Analytics with Springshare you must have LibInsights datasets available.

To confirm that you have the proper LibInsights datasets:
  1. Open Springshare.
  2. Select LibInsights > Datasets > Manage Datasets.
  3. Confirm that you have a dataset for Gate Counts or Reference with the Recording Mode set to monthly
Gate Counts are calculated either unidirectional (once for an entry + exit) or bidirectional (once for each entry and again for each exit) according to how you configure the dataset in Springshare.

Configuring the Springshare API

You must configure an API in Springshare to send data to Alma. For more information, see the Springshare documentation.

Obtain the following information from Springshare when configuring the API, to be used when configuring the integration profile in Alma:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Client Host
  • Dataset IDs

Configuring the Springshare Integration Profile

To integrate Alma Analytics with Springshare you must configure a Springshare integration profile in Alma.

To configure a Springshare integration profile in Alma:
  1. Open the Integration Profile List page (Configuration > General >External Systems > Integration Profiles) and select Add Integration Profile.
  2. From the Integration Type drop-down list, select Springshare API.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the integration profile.
  4. Click Next. The following appears:


    Integration Profile – Page 2
  5. Select the Active radio button and enter the appropriate information for the rest of the fields that you obtained from Springshare.
  6. Select Save.
Along with configuring the integration profile you must activate the import job in the next step to import the data to Alma.

Running the Import Job

For Springshare data to be imported into Alma Analytics, you must activate the Import Data from Springshare job. The job runs as scheduled. If you want to run the import job immediately, you can run it manually.

To activate and run the Import Data from Springshare job:
  1. Open the Monitor Jobs page (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Monitor Jobs and select the Scheduled tab.
  2. From the Job category drop-down list, select Analytics.
  3. To activate the Import Data from Springshare job, move the slider to the active position. The job runs as scheduled.
  4. To run the job manually, select the More Actions icon for the job and select Run Now.

    The job runs and imports the data from Springshare into Alma.

  5. To view the status of the job, select the History tab. When the job finishes, an indication of Completed Successfully appears.
After the import job runs the data is not available in Alma Analytics until the ETL runs, which may be the next day.

For more information, see Scheduled Jobs.

Creating Reports in Alma Analytics with Springshare Data

After the LibInsights data is successfully imported, you can create reports with the fields of the Spingshare dimension of the External Vendor Data subject area. For more information, see Springshare.

Viewing Springshare Data in the ACRL and IPEDS Dashboard

You can view data from Springshare in the following tabs of the ACRL and IPEDS Dashboard. These tabs display reports of library data according to the ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Annual Survey requirements. This data can also be used for the IPEDS survey.

  • Library Services to Individuals – displays reports of the number of library services provided to patrons, by chat, SMS, ticket, or FAQ. In Springshare this category is referred to as Reference.
  • Gate Counts – displays reports of the number of individuals entering or leaving the library.

For more information, see ACRL and IPEDS Dashboard.

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