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    Performing Global Changes on Physical Item Records

    To update physical inventory, you must have the following role:
    • Repository Manager
    • Repository Administrator
    You can update item-level information for physical items. You must first add the items to a set.
    After the job is run, the job report identifies how many records were updated and whether any records failed.
    When running the Change Physical Item job changes an item's location, a new holdings record is created with the new location. If the previous holdings record with the old location was linked to a PO line, the PO line link is broken. Manually re-associate the PO line using the Actions > Associate a PO Line option on the List of Holdings page (see Working with the List of Holdings).
    Alma supports the "bc" model (i.e. 852 $$b and $$c) when looking for a matching holdings record, rather than the "bch" model (i.e. 852 $$b and $$c and $$h).
    Therefore, the call number, 852 $$h, is not compared, and once the bib record has a holding with the desired $$b and $$c, it is considered a match.
    For more information on Avoiding lost holdings data when moving items to a new permanent location, click here.

    For information, watch Resources Sets and Jobs - Change Physical Items (6:30 min).

    To perform global changes on item-level information:
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