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    Acquisitions - March 2018 Enhancements

    Enhanced Display of Funds on Invoice Line and PO Line Pages 

    When there are multiple funds for an invoice, all of them now appear in the table on the Invoice Lines tab of the Invoice Details or Purchase Order Line Details pages. The table cell includes a link to each fund as well as some additional information about the fund ledger.
    Invoice Details - Invoice Line
    Click a fund name to view the transactions related to the invoice in the relevant fund.

    Change PO Line Attributes After Ordering - Part II

    NERS.png  NERS Enhancement (ID #5271): PO line attributes can now be updated after an order is created and/or sent to the vendor. The Update PO Lines Information - Advanced job, which was previously the PO Lines Limited Attributes job, updates one of the following PO line's attributes:
    Update Type Restrictions Outcomes (Force update = true)
    Acquisition Method
    • Closed and canceled PO lines are not changed.
    • The status of the PO line must be one of the statuses prior to Ready.
    • Update is not allowed for acquisition methods that send notifications and for sent PO lines.
    • The PO line is removed from the PO and the status is set to In Review.
    PO Line Owner
    • The PO line is owned by one of the institution's libraries.
    • The new owner has an Acquire For relationship with the library that has the items.
    • The vendor must be available for the new owning library.
    • The fund must be available for the new owning library.
    • Closed and canceled PO lines will not change.
    • If there is no Acquire For relationship between the new owner and the item's library, Alma removes the item if it is not received. If it is received, the link is removed.
    • If the vendor is not available for this library and the PO line is not yet sent, the PO line status is set to In Review and the vendor is removed from the PO line.
    • If the fund is not available for this library and the PO line is not yet sent, the PO line status is set to In Review and the fund is removed from the PO line.
    The job name change is applicable to the March production release but does not appear in the March sandbox.

    New Indexes for PO Line Searches

    The following fields were added to the advanced search and the persistent search for PO lines:
    Field Name Where Added Search Method Values
    POL receiving notes Advanced Search Keywords  
    POL has interested users Advanced Search Equals
    • Yes
    • No
    PO status Advanced Search Equals
    • In review
    • In approval
    • Ready
    • Sent
    • Delayed
    • Closed
    • Canceled
    • Waiting for sending approval
    • Waiting for ready lines
    PO line type Persistent Search
    Advanced Search
    Equals Values taken from the PO Line Types mapping table
    Secondary reporting code Persistent Search
    Advanced Search
    Tertiary reporting code Persistent Search
    Advanced Search

    Purchase Request Enhancements

    The Create Purchase Request interface was changed. A new radio button, Bibliographic Information, was created to replace the Search In Repository button that previously appeared. The radio button values are Create new record, which is the default, and Use existing record. When selecting Use existing record, a quick pick list is available for the Title field while the other item fields are restricted. Once you select an existing record, you can create the purchase request from this record. Alternatively, if you want to create an item from an existing similar item, you can search on the title of the existing record to populate the item's fields, then change the Bibliographic Information radio button to Create new record. The remaining item fields are not restricted while creating a new record, so the values can then be changed.
    The ISBN/ISSN field is no longer mandatory. To match items based on the Title and other attributes generated by the quick pick list, leave the ISBN or ISSN empty. The citation type for a searched item now comes from the ISBN or ISSN. If there is an ISBN number, the citation type is Book. If there is an ISSN number, the citation type is Journal. If neither number is available, the citation type is the type that was chosen when the purchase request was created. For example, if the MD Editor is used to add an ISSN number to a bibliographic record and the purchase request is then edited and saved, the citation type of the purchase request becomes Journal.
    For more information, see Creating a Purchase Request.

    Trial Detail Enhancements

    • The breakdown of participants by group in the Analysis tab of Trial Details now reflects the actual number of participants in a trial. The new fields for this are:
      • Requested - Displays the number of users who have been solicited to provide feedback
      • Participants - Displays the number of users who have provided feedback
    • The audit icon was added to the top of the Trial Details page.
      Trial Details Audit Information highlighted.png
      Trial Details Page
    For more information, see Managing Trials.

    Additional Acquisitions Enhancements

    • The Vendor URL was added to the following two pages (see Manually Uploading and Deleting COUNTER Data):
      • Uploaded Files section on the Usage Data tab of the SUSHI vendor harvest (Acquisitions > Acquisitions Infrastructure > Vendors, select Edit in the row actions list for the vendor and select the Usage Data tab).
      • Usage Data Loader (Acquisitions > Import > Load Usage Data)
    • Details about the fund now appear in the Fund column on the Invoice Details tab (for invoices and PO lines).
    • DB2 and JR2 COUNTER types for release R4 are now supported for manual upload processes (xlsx,xls,csv,txt,tsv,xml). For more information, see COUNTER Report Types.
    • When an invoice/invoice line is deleted or a PO line is removed from the invoice line, Alma now checks the PO line status and whether the PO line has another invoice line related to it. If the status is active and there are no more related invoice lines, the invoice status is set to No Invoice. See Manually Creating a PO Line.
    • The Next Step drop-down list on the Receive New Material page (Acquisitions > Receiving and Invoicing > Receive) now displays the status regardless of whether it is defined at the institutional or library levels (previously it was displaying only the institutional level values).
    • New scheduling options are now available for the Export to ERP and Import Payment Confirmation jobs. Import Payment Confirmation now includes one additional run time per day. Export to ERP includes one additional run per day and an additional run on Saturdays.
    • To add a closed PO line to an invoice line, click the quick pick link for the PO line field and set the filter to All in order the see the closed PO line. For more information, see Creating Invoices.
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