In a Network Zone, you can now record price per year for multiyear licenses to allow for a price increase between years. A negotiation license with start and end dates spanning more than one year includes two new fields, Price per year and Price increase, which is a percentage. When a PO line is created for a resource that links to a multiyear license in the Network Zone, the price of the PO line is updated by the price per year for the member institution. When the PO line is renewed, the fund is checked to verify that there is enough money for the renewal based on the Price per year and Price increase fields. If the fund does not have enough, the renewal fails. If the Price per year and Price increase fields are left empty, the standard functionality is applied.
NZ Multiyear Negotiation License.png
Network Zone Multiyear Negotiation License - Member Details

Distribute SAML Integration Profiles from the Network Zone

You can now create SAML integration profiles in the Network Zone and distribute them to the member institutions. In order to distribute the record, select Manage in Network for the profile. The Distribute Administration Network Configuration job (see Centrally Managing Configuration Tables in a Network Zone) copies any Network Zone profiles to the member institutions. The member institutions have view permissions to the distributed integration profile, but are not able to edit or delete them.