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    Digital Resource Management - May 2016 Enhancements

    New Global Changes Job for Digital Representations 

    A new job, Global Representation Changes, is now available to apply global changes to the representations in a set of digital titles.
    To access this job:
    1. On the Run a Job - Select Job to Run page (Administration > Manage Jobs > Run a Job), select Global Representation Changes and click Next.
    2. Select a set of digital titles on which to run the job and click Next.
      The following appears:
      Run a Job - Enter Task Parameters
    3. In the Apply Only For section, indicate the criteria to determine the representations for which you want the changes to apply. This will allow you to filter out representations you do not need to update.
    4. In the Change Fields section, select the parameters to indicate the changes that you want to be made to the representations. For more information about the fields of this page, see Adding a Representation.
    5. Click Next and perform the rest of the steps for running a job as described in Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.
    • All of the Apply only for parameters must match for a representation to be handled.
    • The Condition drop-down list is available for the Label and Public Note fields. If a condition does not apply, only that specific field change is ignored, but the rest of the fields are changed.
    • You can delete public notes by selecting the Public Note field and leaving it empty.

    Enhanced Support for SRU/SRW Protocol 

    The following enhancements have been implemented for SRU/SRW support:
    • Dublin Core format and all MARC schemas (including UNIMARC and CNMARC) are now supported for SRU/SRW. The following crosswalks are supported:
      • From DC and MARCXML to every other format (DC, MARCXML, CNMARCXML, KORMARCXML, and UNIMARCXML)
      • From every format (DC, MARCXML, CNMARCXML, KORMARCXML, and UNIMARCXML) to DC and MARCXML.
        Crosswalks between CNMARCXML, KORMARCXML, and UNIMARCXML are not supported.
        For more information, see the Developers Network.
    • For Dublin Core records with representations, the DC identifier field is added with a URL for each representation.
    For more information on the SRU/SRW protocol, see SRU/SRW Search.

    Streamlined Digitization Workflow 

    There is now a single workflow when processing a digitization request, regardless of whether the representation is remote. Additionally, information from the digitization request is now transferred automatically to the Representation Details page to simplify creating the representation - for example, when digitizing a book chapter, the request details such as from/to pages are automatically transferred into the digital representation's details, for enhanced delivery and management use. For detailed information, see Adding a Digitization Profile Rule​.

    Additional Digital Resource Management Enhancements

    • The patron-facing Alma Digital Viewer now supports multiple languages. For more information on the Alma Digital Viewer, see Viewing Digital Representations.
    • A new privilege, VIEW_MANAGE_COLLECTION, was added to the following roles: Collection Inventory Operator, Collection Inventory Operator Extended, Digital Inventory Operator, Digital Inventory Operator Extended. This privilege enables users with these roles to view collections without being able to edit them. The existing privilege, COLLECTION_INVENTORY_MANAGE, was added to the Digital Operator in addition to the Collection Operator. This privilege enables editing a collection.
    • Every collection-related operation is available only for users with a relevant role in the library of the collection.
    • In publishing to Primo, the public note was added to the AVD on subfield f.
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