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    Fulfillment - May 2016 Enhancements

    Customizing the Request Forms for Primo 

    For Primo, on the hold, booking, and digitization request forms, non-mandatory fields may now be hidden from the patron's view. A new mapping table has been created for each of the request forms to define which fields are visible.
    For detailed information about configuring the mapping tables, see Customizing Primo Request Forms.

    Group Items or Loans by Library in User Notifications 

    Patron notifications that include lists of items from multiple libraries were restructured to delineate each library to make it easy for a patron to determine the libraries with which he or she has liabilities.
    The affected notifications are:
    • Borrowing Activity report
    • Overdue/lost items notification
    • Loan receipts
    • Return receipts
    The following are some example reports:
    Patron Circulation Summary by Library.png
    Borrowing Activity Report
    Loan Receipt Letter by Library.png
    Loan Receipts
    Return Receipt Letter by Library.png
    Return Receipts
    Using XSL to customize the Borrowing Activity report is explained in Configuring Alma Letters. If the XSL was previously customized, it will not be updated to include the details by library. Restore the XSL to the default in order to take advantage of this enhancement.

    Keyboard Shortcuts for Patron Services 

    Keyboard shortcuts were assigned to the following commonly used tasks:
    • Alt+R - Returns
    • Alt+P - Pick from Shelf
    • Alt+W - Manage Patron Services
    • Ctrl+Alt+S - Scan In Items
    You must be at a circulation location for the above shortcuts to work.
    To view a more complete list, see Alma Global Hotkeys.

    Requiring Copyright Agreements for Digitization Requests 

    It is now possible to require that a patron indicate that he or she has read a copyright agreement before submitting a Primo digitization request form.
    The Copyrights table was renamed Copyright Declaration and contains a new file to configure - DigitizationRequestCopyrightDeclaration.html - which is the Digitization Request Copyrights Declaration that appears above the check box in the Primo Get It form. The patron can click Request only after selecting the check box indicating agreement.
    In Alma, the check box Copyright Declaration Signed by Patron appears on the patron digitization request form. See Creating a Request.
    The Approval Requests List indicates whether the copyright declaration was signed. See Approving/Rejecting Requests for Digitization.
    The checkbox in Primo, as seen below, only appears once the Digitization Request Copyrights Declaration has been customized.
    Primo Copyrights Section.png
    Primo Get It Digitization Request Form
    Approval Request List New.png
    Approval Request List

    Copyright Approval Enhancements 

    • Additional fields for managing copyright clearance were added to the staff digitization request when creating a request on a physical resource or adding a reading list citation. For a description of the new fields, see Creating a Request.
    • When a request requires approval (as indicated by a digitization profile rule, or if the fields were entered when adding a reading list citation), a copyright clearance approval task is created and is available to manage on the newly reorganized Approval Requests List (see the previous feature and Approving/Rejecting Requests for Digitization). The reorganized page includes a new filter, Activity Status.
    • When adding or editing a citation, you can choose to save your changes and then immediately view the Approvals Requests List using the new Save and Manage Approval button. For more information, see Adding Citations to a Reading List.
      Owing to an internal limitation, clicking Save and Manage Approval on the Edit Reading List Citation page currently opens the Approval Requests List page without any items. This will be fixed in an upcoming release. In the meantime, you can manually set the copyright status of a citation on the Edit Reading List Citation page or (in bulk) on the Edit Reading List page.
    • The digitization profile rules now include a new value, Course Related Digitization, when you select Request Type as an input parameter. This value can be used to create a rule that creates an Approval task when a reading list citation is submitted. For information on digitization profile rules, see Configuring Digitization Profiles Rules.
    • Two new statuses were added to the Citations Copyright Default Status table (see Configuring the Default Copyright Status of Reading List Citations):
      • Waiting for Approval - Assigned automatically to a citation when there is a new copyright clearance approval task for it.
      • Waiting for CC - Assigned manually to indicate that a librarian is working on the copyright clearance task.

    Integration with UK Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)

    Alma can now retrieve real-time copyright licensing information for UK customers. When enabled:
    • To view CLA copyright information about a reading list citation, click Check CLA Permissions on the Edit Reading List page. For more information, see the marked area in Managing Citations.
    • To enter CLA-specific information about a source in a digitization request, select an option in the Source field. For more information, see the marked area in Creating a Request.
    To enable CLA, set display_CLA_info_in_alma to true; see Configuring Other Settings.

    Viewing Electronic Resources for a Citation

    You can now see more information about linked electronic resources on the Edit Reading List page (for more information, see marked areas of Managing Citations):
    • To view the original source (the URL) of a citation added using Leganto Cite It, click View Source. This link appears for citations that have a non-empty Source field.
    • To view the OpenURL link resolver results for an article, click View It. This link will appear if the system can resolve the citation's metadata to an electronic resource.

    Additional Fulfillment Enhancements

    • A validation for library code was added to the Primo View To Libraries mapping table to verify that the library code exists.
    • The course loader integration profile now includes additional parameters to support overwriting existing information for a course. In addition, support was added for course "rollover": new courses that inherit the reading lists and other information from old courses. For more on the changes to the course loader integration profile, see the Leganto May 2016 release notes.
    • NotificationUponRenewalLetter was changed to NotifyUponRenewalLetter.
    • In the XML output of the Bursar integration profile, the new field itemInternalLocation holds the internal location of the fine/fee related item. The itemLocation field continues to hold the external location, or the internal location if there is no defined external location.
    • A newly created loan's status is Loan (this was always true). Loan is now an available option in the Overdue and Lost Loan Record Profile. You can now, for example, select Loan as Loan Status and set Days After Status Date to 5 to find all loans that are five days old.
    • The delivery address (at home or at work) can now be written in the loan receipt letter when configuring it in the XSL.
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