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    2021 RN 11 Main

    OpenID Connect (OIDC) Integration Profile Enhancements 

    November 2021 Administration and Infrastructure URM-149692, 158052
    The OpenID integration capabilities were enhanced to support multiple profiles and more ways to match on user information, supporting a more flexible and robust integration for SSO and Authentication.  The following is now supported:
    • New fields were added to the OpenID Connect Integration profile to enable you define additional OIDC information: "Scopes", "Additional Claims", "Matching claim", "UserInfo Endpoint". 
    • You can now populate the integration profile by using the .well-known URL.
    • More than one OIDC profile can now be configured in Alma.

    Job Results Displayed on the Monitor Jobs Page

    November 2021 Administration and InfrastructureURM-152915
    The new columns "Records Processed" and "Records with Exceptions" were added to the jobs table on the Monitor Jobs page (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets). These columns allow the staff users to easily scan the list and identify jobs that view how many records were handled by the jobs on the fly. 
    To display these columns in the table, select the above the table and select this columns from the list that opens. 

    Link Resolver ViewIt Online Service Order - Preference to Electronic Resources with Orders

    November 2021 Fulfillment NERS NERS Enhancement (ID #6941)

    When presenting Electronic Services via Alma Link Resolver, Alma now gives the library the option to prefer services of collections/portfolios that have a linked PO Line (i.e., subscribed services or owned ). Once enabled, services for portfolios that have a PO Line, either at the level of the collection or at the level of the portfolio itself, are displayed above all the other services. This preference overrides both the default alphabetic sorting order and the list of services listed in the Top Services section. 

    To support this feature, a new option "Prefer Ordered Resources Option" was added to the Online Services Order page (Configuration > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic> Online Services Order).

    See Configuring the Order of Online Services.

    Holdings Search Introduced

    November 2021 Resource Management URM-153079

    A new search option "Physical Holdings" was added to Alma repository staff search. The holdings search provides the ability to search holdings based on title, holding, and item information. The retrieved results provide the list of holdings records that match the defined search criteria, along with the titles for these holdings, and the items that are associated with these holdings. This search option allows librarians to have direct access to multiple titles and provides more accurate results for holdings-level records​ by library.  

    Although physical inventory does not exist in a Network institution, the Physical Holdings option still appears in Network Zone (similarly to the existing Physical Items option).

    The "Physical Holdings" search option and the search results panes are based on new-generation infrastructure, which offers more convenient and user-friendly user interface, and quicker performance. 

    In the November release, only the simple search is available for this search option. The advanced search will be introduced in upcoming releases. 

    Viewing Items per Holdings Record  

    To view the list of items associated to a particular holdings record, select the holdings record. The Details pane opens that displays the information for that holdings record, including the list of all items associated with it.  

    list of items per holding.png

    To view the information for a particular item, select View Items. A sliding pane opens above the search results where you can sort the items, search for items, and perform the different actions on the list of items (for details, see Working with the List of Items). The sliding pane allows you to view and work with items, and then resume your ongoing work without interrupting its context. The items list displays up to ten items. There is a pagination option if there are more than ten items.

    sliding pane with list of items.png

    When you add a new item from the sliding pane (by selecting the Add Items option), the new item is immediately added to the list of items on the right pane of the search results. 

    Watch the Search for Holdings Records video (1:49 minutes).

    Enhanced Staff Navigation in Alma for Related Records and Inventory

    November 2021 Resource Management URM-143825

    In the Physical Title search results, all possible inventory is now accessibleto the Inventory Operators. This allows the Inventory Operator would like to check possible availability in holdings and items in its hierarchy, and also in related holdings or items. This improves the staff user’s ease of use and efficiency.

    The Inventory Operator can navigate to related items for the specific title and see them as physical items search results. Navigation links to related records and associated inventory were now added similarly to the links that appear for the main record.

    Similarly, the related holdings are displayed as search results using the new Holdings search. 

    In addition, the navigation between the related record and the main records items and holdings was enhanced, such that when a specific item or volume or issue are being referenced in the related record (the 77X field contains a $g with specific item information, or even when $g is unspecified), only the relevant holding or item record is shown when using these new navigation links.

    See Searching in Alma.

    MARC21 Updates 

    November 2021 Resource Management URM-130895, 152187

    The following MARC 21 updates (for bibliographic, holdings, classification, and community information formats) have been added to Alma:

    Authority records:

    • Profile updates - New fields were added: 147, 447, 547, 747 
    • Display - New fields were added: 147, 447, 547, 747
    • Search - New fields were added: 147, 447, 547
    • Headings -  New fields were added: 147, 447
    • F3 functionality for "See Also" (5XX) fields in authority records used for linking between two authority records now applies to 547 as well

    Bibliographic Data and functionality:

    • MARC21 Bibliographic Profile updates:
      • Field 335 was added. 
      • Field 345 was renamed. 
    • Search - New field was added: 647
    • Headings - New field was added: 647 
    • Browse bibliographic headings - New source code 'Even Name' was added to heading types Names and Subjects.
    • Browse bibliographic headings - Name / Subject -  Field 647 was added. 

    Authority Control:

    • Field 647 was added to the list of authority-controlled fields.

    See MARC 21 Search IndexesBrowsing Bibliographic HeadingsWorking with Authority Records

    UNIMARC / CNMARC Updates

    November 2021 Resource Management URM-125908

    UNIMARC and CNMARC updates (for bibliographic, holdings, classification, and community information formats) have been added to Alma in the November 2021 release to keep them up to date with the latest (same updates to both formats).

    These updates include, among others (not an exhaustive list):

    • New values e-j were added to the position 1 of subfield a of bibliographic CN/UNIMARC 135 field. 
    • New value '2' was added to the second indicator of the authority 801 field. 
    • Authority fields 231, 431, 531 with all subfields were added to the CNMARC profile.

    See UNIMARC Search Indexes.

    Support for Lithuanian Alphabet

    November 2021 Resource Management URM-157666

    Alma now supports the Lithuanian language, including repository search, user search, browse bibliographic and authority headings, using F3, and sorting results.

    As part of the release of this functionality, re-indexing is automatically triggered for the customers that use the Lithuanian search settings. Until re-indexing completes, inconsistencies may appear.

    See Lithuanian CharactersBrowsing Bibliographic Headings and Configuring Institution Languages

    Semi Annual Re-indexing

    November 2021 Resource Management URM-157936

    During November, the semi-annual re-indexing (described in greater detail in Updates) will be run. Features or resolved issues that require re-indexing to be fully functional will be addressed by the November semi-annual re-indexing. See the list below.

    • Support for Swedish and Norwegian alphabet. See here.
    • Support for Icelandic alphabet. See here
    • Field 335 was added and field 345 was renamed. See here

    Change the CDI Option 'Do not show as full text available in CDI even if active in Alma' for Alma Consortia

    November 2021 Resource Management URM-151643

    In the CDI tab of the Electronic collection editor, in case on ‘Available for’ activation exists for a member institution, campus or library, the option 'Do not show as Full text available in CDI even if active in Alma' is disabled for this member institution, campus or library. In addition, when hovering over the option checkbox, a message is displayed stating: 'This option cannot be used because there is no corresponding 'Available for' activation for this collection'.

    Metadata Editor Accessibility Improvements

    November 2021 Resource Management URM-142368
    • Level A - The correct HTML tags were set on Records/Template/Rules items and on the buttons of the Browse Bibliographic Heading form to improve Metadata Editor readability to screen reader users.
    • Level AA - Color-contrast issues were fixed for icons and on the frames of the Browse Bibliographic Heading form and the indicators and fields in the Editing area.
      Darker frames on the Browse Bibliographic Heading form

    Alma Accessibility Improvements

    November 2021 Resource Management URM-142368, 116790

    The following improvements were done with the purpose of making Alma meet Level A and AA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) and Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act for features and functions:


    A high-contrast color scheme was added to aid users with eyesight disabilities who have difficulty using the standard color scheme. A high-contrast color scheme helps users better distinguish between different visual elements. 

    This is currently available in the following browsers:

    • Chrome - standard extension both on Windows and MacOS
    • Firefox on Windows
    • Issues in main pages such as home page, search, and editors.

    In future releases, this will be made available for Safari on MacOS as well. 


    • Text was added to the below button for screen reader users to know whether the facets area is open or closed.

    • Colors were changed to increase the contrast ratio between text and its background to at least 4.5:1.

    Default Display Now Configurable in Internet Archive Book Reader

    November 2021 Digital Resource Management URM-156605

    You can now configure the default display for the Internet Archive Book Reader (Configuration > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Viewer Services > Internet Archive Book Reader) to be Single-page, Two-page, or Thumbnail view:


    Default Display Configuration

    Run "Filter Set by Indication Rule" Job from API

    November 2021 API URM-155897

    Alma's API now enables filtering a set by indication rule(s). This feature is helpful when you need a set that is based on metadata elements that are not indexed.
    For more information, see in the Developer Network.

    API for Circulation Desks

    November 2021 API URM-51015

    A new API enables retrieving a list of circulation desks for a given library. 
    For more information, see in the Developer Network.

    RFID Connector Popup Now Served Over HTTPS (Secure) Protocol

    November 2021 API URM-154196

    Following recent security related modifications in Chrome and Edge, the RFID connector popup is now served over https (secure) protocol.

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