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Data Center Migration (Moses Lake Data Center, DC 01) FAQ

  • Product:   Cross-Product 
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Hosted (and Local)


1. What will be impacted by this move?

  • NA04
  • NA05
  • NA06
  • NA07
  • 360 Core/Client Center
  • 360 Link
  • E-journal Portal
  • 360 Search
  • Ulrichsweb
  • Intota

2. What are the exact hours of down time? 

         Saturday, May 29 18:00 PDT – Sunday, May 30 18:00 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC -7) 

3.  Who do I contact if there is an issue after the move?

4.  Are there any actions or configuration changes that need to be done by our institution or IT department?

There are no configuration changes needed but please refer to the Data Center Move Recommendations article.   If you have specific concerns that you feel might be impacted by the migration, please open a case through the support portal of email .

5.  Is there a way for Ex Libris to post a message that the system is down on the application’s landing page?

Yes.  During the migration a customized page will be available for 23.5 hours out of the 24 hours outage. During the remaining 30 min the users will get 404 error page.  This will happen during the shift to our new internet provider in the Seattle DC.  Please see the attached message.  

6.  Why is Ex Libris moving the data center?

Despite attempts to continue operating from the Moses Lake data center, the data center provider decided to close its Moses Lake operations, and we need to evacuate our DC01 in Moses Lake by the end of May 2021.  We understand that this is an inconvenience; your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

7.  Can this date be moved?

         No, this migration is outside Ex Libris’ control.  We are doing everything we can to minimize the downtime and impact to our customers.

8.  Will my institution’s URL stay the same?

         Yes, your URLs will remain the same.  The migration will not change any of your institution’s URLs.

9.  Will my institution’s IP address stay the same?

Yes, there will be no change to any of the exiting IP addresses your institution uses.  Ex Libris owns the IP address.  This also means that no configuration changes or references to an IP address is needed.

10.  Will this impact our authentication SAML configurations?

         The migration will have no impact on your institution’s current authentication configurations.  All IP addresses and URLs will remain the same.

11. How long will my application be down?

         Applications will be down for up to 24 hours. Our goal is to reduce the downtime as much as possible.  For planning purposes please use “up to 24 hours” of downtime.

12.  Will I receive updates during the 24 hour down time?

Yes, updates will be provided through the status page by our Network Operations Center throughout the migration, .  For more information on the status page or how to register to receive updates visit   Support Portal User Guide - Ex Libris Knowledge Center

13. Will our data be backed up?

         Yes, there will be a full on-line backup stored at one of our other data centers prior to the migration.

14.  Will this impact other application integrations, with APIs, third party configurations? 

The migration will not have any impact on any APIs or third party configurations, once the migration is complete your environment will perform as it did in the Moses Lake Data Center.

15. Where will the new data center be located and who will the new provider be?

The new data center is located in Seattle and the new provider is Equinix.  This is a link to their website:  .

16.  What will happen to API services while Alma is down? Will the user be redirected to a maintenance landing page, receive a 404 error or will the system just do nothing?

There will be no API response. We can't redirect the user if the API is down because we don't own the system which is calling the API, the calling server may return an error to the user.

17.  What will be impact on Summon over Alma customers?

Summon will be available for searching, but all functionality related to Alma won't be available.

Linking to resources through 360 Link will be unavailable, access to 360 Core/Client Center, Intota, and the E-Journal Portal will be unavailable

18.  Will the migration impact Primo Classic customers where Alma is hosted at the Moses Lake Data Center?

Yes, while Primo Classic servers will be up, and functioning, customers with Alma in DC01 will not have ViewIt/GetIt and other services.  Functionality impacted are Link resolving, and requesting books. Additionally, students won’t see their loans and fines.

19.  What will happen to scheduled Alma jobs?

Just like any other maintenance periods, jobs that are running will be paused and resume when the system is brought back on-line.  Jobs that are scheduled during the downtime will be queued when the system is brought back up.  We don’t anticipate any issues running the backlog of jobs.  The queues will be monitored.



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