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    Configuring Allowed Emails


    This page describes how to configure allowed emails during testing. For information on configuring S/FTP connections see here. For information on configuring external systems in Esploro see here.

    To configure allowed emails, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    This feature is only available in a Sandbox environment or on the Esploro Production environment for customers who are still in the implementation/testing phase and are not yet configuration certified. Domains only work in an implementation Production environment, and not in Sandbox environments.
    You can define specific email addresses/domains to use for your institution's communication during testing. This avoids any stray communications: Esploro does not send emails to any other email addresses.
    You need to configure at least one email address. Email communication is restricted to the email addresses in this table only. Do not fully delete all of the entries in this table. If this table is empty, unrestricted email communication is enabled for any email address entered anywhere in Esploro.
    To access this page navigate to Configuration > General > Allowed Emails.

    Configure allowed emails in general configurations.

    Configure Allowed Emails

    You can add, delete, or enable/disable domains and addresses. Esploro only sends emails to the active addresses and/or domains.

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