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    Working with Research Resources in the Esploro Hub


    Resources in Esploro provide a way to showcase institutional facilities, equipment, specialists, and so forth. This page describes how to work with resources in the research hub. For information on configuring resources see here. For related information see here.

    The Resources feature is for Esploro Advanced Edition customers.

    Viewing Resources

    To access resources navigate to Research Management > Manage Research Resources. The list of resources displays.

    Manage Resources page.

    Manage Research Resources

    Navigate between resources using the navigation arrows.

    Navigation arrows for resources.

    Navigation Arrows

    Select a resource to view its details in the side window.

    View resource details.

    Resource Details

    Note that not all sections display by default in the side window. See Sections for more details.

    Adding Resources

    To add a resource select the Add Resource button at the top of the page.

    Add Resource button.

    Enter the name and (optionally) select the type. The types are configurable. See Configuring Resource Types for more information.

    Resources Name and Type.

    Resource Name and Type

    Select Save to add the resource.

    When editing resources that were added, there are additional fields that display. See Editing Resources for more information.

    Resource Sections

    Below is a description of each section in a resource. Not all sections display by default in the side window. Select the + icon next to a section to add it to the displayed sections.

    Sections drop down list.

    Sections Drop Down List
    Multiple entries can be added for all sections, except for the General Information section.

    Resource General Information

    This section displays the general information for the resource, including the mandatory Title field and the optional Type field that display when adding a resource.

    General Information section for resource.

    General Information Section

    The Type field is configurable (see Configuring Resource Types).

    Resource Model Information

    In this section you can add the model information for the resource.

    Model Information section.

    Model Information Section

    Resource Locations

    In this section you can add the location information for the resource. Multiple locations can be added.

    Locations section.

    Locations Section

    Resource Contacts

    In this section you can add the contact information for the resource.

    Contacts section.

    Contacts Section

    Resource Descriptions

    In this section you can add a description for the resource. The description types that appear in the drop down list are configurable (see Configuring Resource Description Types).

    Description types.

    Description Types

    Enter the information in the Descriptions box and select Save.

    Box for adding a description.

    Description Box

    Resource Additional Identifiers

    In this section you can add additional identifiers for the resource. The additional identifiers are configurable (see Configuring Resource Identifier Types).

    Additional Identifiers section.

    Additional Identifiers Section

    Resource Usage Notes

    In this section you can add usage notes for the resource. The usage note types that appear in the drop down list are configurable (see Configuring Usage Notes Types).

    Add usage notes drop down list.

    Add Usage Note Types

    Enter the information in the Add Usage Note box and select Save.

    Add usage notes box.

    Add Usage Note

    Resource Additional Fields

    In this section you can add additional fields for the resource. The fields that appear in the drop down list are configurable (see Configuring Additional Fields for Resources).

    Resource Files

    In this section you can add files to the resource.

    Add file for resource.

    Add Files to Resource

    Resource Attributes

    In this section you can add attributes to a resource.

    Attributes section for resource.

    Add Resource Attributes

    The Attributes field is configurable (see here).

    Resource Links

    In this section you can add links to a resource.

    Link section for resource.

    Link Section

    Enter the mandatory URL and then add the following information as needed.

    • Title - Title for the resource link
    • Content type - Select the type of content for the resource link:
      • Manual 
      • Technical Specifications
      • Web Page
      • Policy
    • Access rights policy - Select the policy as either Open (visible on the profile) or Closed (not visible on the profile).
    • Link description - Add a description for the research resource link.

    Editing Resource Sections

    To edit a resource section select the Edit icon in the details window.

    Edit icon.

    Edit Icon

    Some sections can be edited in multiple languages. See here for more information.

    Hiding and Reordering Information for Resources

    New for June: For hiding and displaying resource information see Hiding and Reordering Information for Research Management

    Configuring Resource Management

    For information on configuring the management of resources see here.

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