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    Intota: Interlibrary Shared Resources: Working with Inherited Resources

    • Product: Intota

    How do we interact in our profile with databases inherited from a manager library?

    This article focuses on working with inherited databases because the other type of inheritable resource (licenses) cannot be edited (an inherited license can, however, be used to create a license template; see the Duplicating a License to Create a License Template section of Intota:Licenses for details).

    A database that has been inherited from a "manager" library can be accessed in a couple ways:
    • In the same way a local, non-shared resource is accessed from a "resources" link on the Intota home page.
      • When viewing the list of your resources, an inherited database is easily identified by the From Consortium resource status.
    From Consortium icon
    • Via the Resource Inheritance page where you have quick access to those resources you have inherited from the manager library. Your local, non-shared resources are not accessible from this view.

    When you click on a database name and are taken to the Database Details page, the About, Discovery and Configuration resource details display. Database Details that display only for your local, non-shared resources are Administration, Renewal Details and Costs. If your library has permissions to edit database details (the Locked setting on your Resource Inheritance page says OFF) you will see Edit buttons on the right side of the page.
    • Note that particular Database Details settings cannot be edited, such as Status (shared resources always display as From Consortium) and Title Coverage (you cannot exclude titles in a shared resource).
      • If the shared resource includes select titles from the database, and your library has its own subscription to additional titles in the resource, you can enter the additional titles into your Intota profile by creating a duplicate database. See Intota: Duplicate Resources Inherited from a Consortium for details.

    A green star
    green star icon
    to the right of a setting indicates a custom value entered by your library to replace a custom value entered by the manager library. In such situations, the Related Actions pane on the right side of the page will include a Reset Database link which you can use to revert back to the custom value entered by the manager library.

    If your library has a need to add cost information to the inherited resource, you can add costs like you would add costs to your local, non-shared resources.

    • Date Created: 21-Sep-2015
    • Last Edited Date: 26-Sep-2015
    • Old Article Number: 13163